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2005 Bachelor of Visual Arts. Title obtained in 2008. Universidad Autonoma de Morelos, Mexico
2005 Diploma/specialization in Animation. Completed at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Creación en Movimiento. FONCA | Centro cultural universitario Tlatelolco | Mexico City.
Immersive Space / Noox gallery (Roma) | Mexico City.
Abstract State / Exconvento del Carmen | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 2015.
Visualize / Exconvento del Carmen | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Transitio MX_06 / National Arts Center – Main gallery | Mexico City. Imago Mundi - Luciano Bennetton collection at Venice Biennale | Venice, Italy. Metanarrativas / Iberoamerican University | Mexico City. Pink Art Fair / Intercontinental Seoul COEX / Seoul, South Korea. FILE International Festival of Electronic Language / FIESP | Sao Paulo, Brazil. #NotArt – solo exhibition / The Neon Rex Gallery | Mexico City. Periferica Interactive and digital art festival / Fusolab 2.0 | Rome, Italy. Neuroart / Together Gallery | Rome, Italy.
Festival della Scienza / Palazzo della Commenda di Pre | Genoa, Italy. Show for the Research and Production in Art and Media Program / Central gallery National Arts Center | Mexico City. Privacy Agreement / White Cremnitz gallery | Mexico City. Prisma Rectangular / Centro Cutural Estación Indianilla | Mexico City. UNPAINTED – International Digital Art Fair / Postpalast Munich | Munich, Germany.

Talks / Conferences / Publication
Ludic Art. Why to produce artwork with / from / presented as games? | LEIVA, CENART | Mexico 2015.
Panel “Experiences and Challenges” | Digital Experience as interactive trigger | 10° International Museums Congress | IBERO University, Mexico City.
Round table: Game, interaction, social integration and collaboration | Transitio MX_06 | Mexico City. Intangible art. Practices in a technological age | Skepsis - MUAC, Mexico City. 2014.
The future of digital media | XIV International Book Fair at Zócalo | Secretary of culture of Mexico City.
Ludic Systems: The game as a trigger for creative-collaborative process | Chapter written for book “Devices in transit” |
Conferece. Art at play with technology | Campus Party MX5 | Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.
Conference. Locative media: art in hybrid territories | Claustro de Sor Juana University. Mexico City. 

City, game and locative media. Node at Diploma Tránsitos | National Arts Center | Mexico.
Ludic Structures. Workshop for International Electronic Art Festrival Transitio MX06 | National Arts Center | Mexico.
2013 – 2017
Lecturer at Sae Institute Mexico for Bachelor in Videogame Design and Videogame Programming | Mexico City.
2007 – 2017 Researcher and lecturer for different programs at Academic Development Directorate.

Participation as Jury
(and tutor through 2017). Grant for Research and Production in Art and Media from Multimedia Center (PAPIAM) | National Arts Center Mexico.
State Program for Art Development in Sinaloa (PECDAS) | grant for multimedia young creators | Culture Institute of Sinaloa | Mexico.
State Program for Art Development in Sinaloa (PECDAS) | grant for multimedia young creators | Culture Institute of Sinaloa | Mexico.
State Program for Art Development in Chiapas (PECDA) | grant for multimedia young creators | Culture Institute of Chiapas | Mexico.


Resident career
2013. Artist in Residence by EMARE (European Media Artist in Residence Exchange) at Werkleitz Gesselschaft | Halle, Germany. Results included a workshop, a talk and a later exhibition in Transitio MX 05 festival.

Awards and others
2014 – 2015. National grant for young creators in new technology. FONCA, CONACULTA | Mexico
2015. Honorary mention at Prisma Rectangular art contest. Centro Cultural Estación Indianilla | Mexico

Archetype Location 
3D modelling of specific locations (museums and gelleries) for virtual reality device, 2016

Visitors for certain places experience first a real space and then a slightly modified version of it in 3D. Based on Rem Koolhaas writing about generic spaces and how they repeat themselves, this artwork chages the perception of exhibition spaces.

Spreading dimensions 
Sound installation, 2015

Hidden microphones are set outside the museum. In Mexico city, most of cultural spaces are located in bustling places and sorrounded by people that never actually enters the art space. Inside, wall speakers are available to listen in places with a reference to the outside microphone, that force audience to “play” in the space to be able to guess what they are listening. While the museum turns itself into the artwork, the behavior protocols are broken, as well as the idea of wall. Outside-inside spaces are reconstructed in the mind of the audience through imagination.

A Pragmatic Digital Art Manifesto

This manifesto is a practical experiment exploring the expressive capabilities of digital media through statements that can only be verifiable in their own environment. In this way, the artist seeks to clarify for herself the limits of the tool she has chosen, while opening a pragmatic discussion based on facts about what may or may not be digital art. Therefore it is flexible and changing artwork.

 Virtual sculpture, visible only through mobile devices, 2014

The idea of the Cloud as an abstract space in which an impressive amount of data converges in order to solve specific problems, in other words, collective intelligence, is the main theme of this artwork. What does a space mean for us? Datanimbus is a converging point for virtual and real space, as well as thoughts, impressions and opinions about that space.

540 000 000
Interactive sculpture that detects the presence of the audience, 2014

While someone is standing in front of it, motors move a laser to draw eyes randomly in a heat sensitive paper. The time of life for this artwork to be watched is 540 000 000 tenths of second. When the counter reaches 0, the arwork becomes the automatic made drawing and motors won’t move anymore. The essence of any artwork is to be watched, this one exists to simulate to watch te audience. Understanding watching as something wearing, the sculpture sets the alarm for it to get bored: it has watched enough of the audience and left so many eyes behind.