Regular Residency Program

SASG receives applications from artists in Korea and abroad once a year. Selected visual artists from Korea and around the world can use the 24-hour studios and participate in various programs, including expert support programs, and special exhibitions to sharpen their skills.

   ※But now “The International Artists in Residency Program” has been stopped due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


Open Studio

Once a year, all of the studios at the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon are open to provide an opportunity to view the artworks and workspaces of the artists in residence. During the Open Studio period, special exhibitions and various fringe events are held. It has become a festival to attract the attention and increase the participation of the local community, as well people the fields of arts and culture.


International Symposium

Since 2009, SASG has hosted an annual international symposium as a platform form for in-depth analysis and debate among experts in Korea and abroad on selected timely topics in arts and culture. The symposium has played a role in shaping a meaningful discourse among artists by taking the lead in tackling key issues in the arts world.


Expert Support Program

This program provides a chance to meet various experts in visual art, including critics, curators, artists, gallerists, sociologists, and philosophers. Critique will be posted on the website.