Application Guideline for 11th Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON in 2020

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Application Guideline for 11th Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON in 2020

Please Download Application Form from Blogspot <>

○ Application Period: 19 November (Tue) ~ 3 December (Tue) 2019 (Total 15 Days)
*Deadline: 3 December 2019 (Korean time 18:00)
○ Application Field: Visual Artist
* visual arts such as painting, installation, video, photograph, digital art, virtual art, interactive art, and etc.
○ Residency Period (

Residency Schedule
Total Applicant
International Artist
3 months
2020.02.01. ~ 2020.04.30.
2020.05.01. ~ 2020.07.31.
2020.08.01. ~ 2020.10.31.
2020.11.01. ~ 2021.01.31
2 Artists
2 Artists
2 Artists
2 Artists
* For international residents who have resided in SASG before, re-appliance is possible.
(Except for the artists who have resided in SASG more than twice)

International Candidates
- 19 November (Tue) ~ 3 December (Tue) 2019 (Total 15 Days)
*Deadline: 3 December 2019 (Korean time 18:00)
- How to apply: Applications are received only by e-mail (
- Application Documents: See the following information
2. PREPARE YOUR DOCUMENTS (Application Documents)
○ Required Application Documents (Download Application Packet on our Blogspot)
1) Required Documents:
1-1) Applicant Information
-       Applicant’s general and personal information
1-2) Project Proposal
-       Present detailed and practicable information about the planned work to be done in SASG.
1-3 Work History
-  Documents of experiences and artworks from past three years
(mainly results in artwork or results related to the planned project for the residency period)
In case of group, career info of each group member and the list of group members are required.

2) Your Portfolio (File in PDF format)
Your portfolio must include minimum of 20 images (with caption), articles or reports by mass media, critique, artist’s note, or other documents that prove your artwork. (For example: exhibition leaflets, cover of an exhibition catalogue including images, etc.)
Video works must be no longer than 3 minutes and submitted in .avi format.
File size is limited to 30MB, so portfolio and video files should be edited to the limit.
The files will be opened in Microsoft Windows.

3) A Copy of Passport.
If you have re-issued your passport, send us your most recent one.

○ Applicant: Visual Artist
○ Qualification for Application
- Individuals or groups that can participate in residency programs
- Group candidates have a limit of two artists per group.
No application will be received from the following candidates
- Group or association of three or more artists
- Students who are still undergraduates
(*group including a student will depend on committee’s decision)
- Association organized by school, religious or friendship group, not having goal for genuine artwork

For International Artists
- Exemption of the hostel charges and space fee
- Financial aid of 1,500,000 KRW per person (it’s about 1,300 US dollars)
(*According to national tax agreements, the payment can be made with a minimum tax of 5% to 50%)
(*when residing as a team, only one of the team members will be supported)
- Accommodation (a single room per person / a double room per group)
Common Supporting Detail for International and Korean Artists
- Studio (1 room per person/team)
- Network Support
- Partial production cost supported when having an exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
- PR supported during the residency period
- Liberal use of the media lab, warehouse (large workspace), equipment room, seminar room, kitchen and etc.
*Unfortunately, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON cannot support the activities of the artists in various ways other than the mentioned supporting details. Artists must be aware that they will have to solve many inconveniences themselves during the residency. (For example: translation, interpretation, material purchase, artwork installation, research support, and etc.)

○ Obligation Duty
International Artists
All period
-  Usage of studio for at least 15 days every month
-  Selected artist is obligated to participate in the artist presentation(s) during their period in residence
-  Agreement for posting artwork images, artist’s profile on our homepage and blog
-  Agreement for using images of artworks supported by Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
-  Compliance with the regulations of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon

Judging is conducted by a panel of 5 experts such as a curator, a critic, a college art professor, and an artist.
- 1st review: Document screening
- 2nd review: In-depth screening
○ Schedule of Evaluation and Announcement of Selected Applicants
- Reviews: December 2019
- Final Announcement of Selected Applicants: Friday 27th Dec 2019
*Actual schedule can be adjusted according to the evaluation process.
○ Announcement to Selected Applicants
- Notice will be posted on our blog and candidates will be informed individually as well.
○ Contact for More Information
- Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon <>
- E-mail : (Please contact us by email)