Patricia Thoma

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2003   MFA, Chelsea College of Art and Design London, UK
2001   Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart, Germany

Selected Solo Exhibitions2010   Gallery Baumgarte, Germany
         Gallery Supper, Germany
2007   Gallery at University of Science and Technology Hefei, China
2002   Museum of Gross Gerau, Germany

Selected Awards2005   Kunststiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
2003   Dedalo Award, Camaiore, Italy
2002   Welde Art Prize, Germany
         Art Prize GG-perspectiv, Germany
2001   Xaver- Fuhr Art Prize, Germany
2000   Sokrates Scolarship, University of Derby, School of Art and Design, Derby, UK

Residency2008   Artist in Residence S-AIR, Sapporo, Japan
2006   Artist in Residence, National Art Studio Goyang, Korea

Pissing Girl
oil on paper, 140×100cm

Japanese Candy Dress
japanese plastic packages, thread, ca.165cm

Chinese Rubbish Dress(Qipao)
chinese plastic packages, plastic bags, thread, ca.220cm

Japanese Rubbish Dress
japanese plastic packages, plastic bags, thread, ca.180cm

In my artwork I like to confuse the viewer´s mind and emotions by questioning our habit of seeing : The hand sewn and embroidered precious looking dresses for example, are made out of rubbish, plastic packaging and plastic bags.

During the residency at Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, I strolled through the streets of Seoul, far away from the tourist attractions, looking for scenes, which matched my interest for narratively loaded images, full of hints of violence and suppressed sexuality.
I felt especially attracted to the beef and pig market nearby, inspired and repelled at the same time by piles of meat, which for me rather looked like violated objects than food.
During the residency, I also got interested in the clash of tradition and modernity in Seoul, like the scene of a woman dressed in a “Hanbok” standing in front of a drinks dispenser creating a almost surreal atmosphere.