About our main residency program

> Open studio and exhibition

Open Studio and Exhibition 2010-2012
* 2012 Open Studio and Exhibition <Continuous Art, Impossible Community> (June28 ~ July 20, 2012)
* 2011 Open Studio and Exhibition <The Sociological Imagination of the City> (May 19 ~ June 8, 2011)
* 2010 Open Studio and Exhibition <Rich Disorganization> (August 26 ~ September 5, 2010)

> International Symposium

Since 2009 Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon has held an annual international symposium addressing the issues of artistic scenes, regions, and art policies.

In 2009 the symposium presented analyses of projects for creative spaces that had been consistently expanded by the state and private organizations at home and abroad. In 2010 the annual symposium touched on matters of community art and regional regeneration, and in 2011 it highlighted the role of art and policy based on an industrial complex as a “community”.
In 2012 the symposium shed light on a critical overview of accomplishments in “region-based artistic activity” viewed from the perspectives of cultural sociology, art policy, and contemporary art. In 2013 it presented controversial issues and critical ideas on the relations between public support for art and artists’ creative activity discussed in cultural history, economics, and policy scenes.
The 6th symposium to be held on November 27, 2014 will present ideas of artists, economists, and policymakers on the “artist’s labor” at this present time when systems for artist’s labor and welfare including the founding of Korean Artists Welfare Foundation, legislation such as the Act on Welfare for the Artist, and preparation of the Standard Contract for the Artist are being established.

> Power station of creativity project
Seoul Power Station is urban regeneration project which aims to solve social problems through arts and culture.

> Da Vinci Idea

Exhibitions of open call for Da Vinci Idea 2010-2012
* On the Eve of Tomorrow: Industry and Media Art (September 10 ~ October 9, 2012)
* Random Access Black Box (November 3 ~ November 22, 2011)
* The Return of Techné 2010 (December 9 ~ December 22, 2010)

> Open call for residency Artists

Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon supported 145 artists (including teams) from 19 countries from 2009 to 2013. Artists in the field of visual art at home and abroad were selected through an annual competition: 11 domestic artists (teams) and 13 International artists (teams) were chosen in 2013. Those artists selected by the art space have been mostly emerging artists in their late 20s and early 30s. The art space’s artist-in-residence program has been based on themes such as ‘community & research’ and ‘media art’.

Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, having favorable conditions such as its location in Seoul, convenient transportation, and agreeable facilities, has secured its position as an international residence studio representing Korea. The competition rate was high, with 20:1 in 2012 and the ratio of foreign resident artists was about 30%. Resident artists can be supported by the Overseas Artist Exchange Program, the Community & Research Project, Sharing Artist’s Talent, the Expert Support Program, and the International Critic Program. They are also fully funded with production support money for the exhibitions planned by Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon and promotional expenses for external solo shows.