Residency Information

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Seoul Art Space Geumcheon
1. Guide for Submitting Residency Applications.
  -The notice will be posted on the official website of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul Art Space and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.
· Months of Application : In July and August
   Our regular call for residency application takes place once a year. (More details will be noticed on the Official Website(English) / Official Website (Korean))
· Target Genres : Visual arts (For more information, please read a 'Call for Artists' notice on the notice page)
· Eligibility : The applicants' aim should coincide with our mission and vision as a basic criteria.
    - Potential for applicants' growth in their art genres
    - Level of applicants' interest in the public and local community
    - Applicants' initiative to collaboratation with artists working in diverse fields

· Residency Period

: 6 months or 1 year (Currently residing artists in residence can reapply from the year of 2011. Maximum residency period is 2 years.)  
* subject to change.
2. How to Apply
  - Online from the year of 2011.
    All information including the application form, can be found on the official website of Seoul Art Space.
3. Selection Process
  - Selection committee comprised of outside experts will conducts a strict and fair selection.
  - Procedures : Application Review -> Presentation Evaluation -> Final Decision
 * The applicants selected after the application review will be given the opportunity to give a  presentation.
 * In the case of applicants who are currently residing in foreign countries, a presentation will not be necessary.
4. Announcement of Successful Applicants
  - Successful applicants will be announced on the official website of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul Art Space and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture and individual successful applicants will be informed.
5. Artist in Residence Contract
   - The relationship between the selected artist and Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is laid down in a contract. Only candidates who accept the contract can tek up residency and use the facilities. The schedule regarding the contract will be sent to artists individually.
   - A copy of the business license (or a copy of the resident registration) and  a registered seal will be required when signing the contract.
6. Matters to be attended to while in residency
  - You should use spaces minimum 15 days per month.
  - Active participation in some activities including Open Studio and various presentations run by Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is required.
- You need to pay monthly fee of 5,000 won per 3.3 square meters for workspace rental.
   *Non-Korean artists do not need to pay the rental fee.
- Artists in residence are to abide by the rules and regulations of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon.
The Seoul Art Space Geumcheon office: 82-2-807-4136