Youn Ju-hee

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2006   MFA, Dutch Art Institute, Enschede, NL
2002   BFA in painting, Kyoungwon University, Sungnam, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Project2009   Mundane manifesto: The library, Seoul, Korea
2006   Positions Agentur, Amsterdam, NL
         Project Outside in, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL
Selected Group Exhibitions & Project & Presentation2010   Dual mirage(a launching show for publication project) National Art Studio Goyang, Korea
2009   Instructional works RM, Auckland, New Zealand
2008   Seoksu Art Project: SAP(Open studio) Stone& Water, Anyang, Korea

Awards2010   ARKO Critic Workshop for Young Artists, Arts Council Korea Art center
2009   Selecting2009 support project for art Seoul Foundation Arts & culture
2007   ARTIST 1:1 CRITIC Restoring language for creation(Critic Workshop), Sarubia dabang,
         Seoul, Korea

2008   Stone and Water Residency Artist, Anyang, Korea

Simultaneous interpretation of yawn manifesto
A performance with a installation work ‘balance beams’(Performers Jaeyoung Kim, Jeonghee Min)

As an artist, Youn, Juhee’s position is in the boundaries of society or art institution hard to define. As her attitude toward this is ambiguous, her position grew complicated, inconsistent, and difficult to manage. Youn sometimes takes this position to protect herself from external stimuli. She also seemed reluctant to clarify her opinion since she perceived both situations, or she put emphasis on both relationships. With this however, she was able to maintain her attitude for a long time without being confined by external stimulation. As Youn recognized all stances, and was in a relational position through which she discovered a contact point, she was able to maintain her position as a mediator as well as an usher or an interpreter who interpret other positions for communication.