"Food culture resesarch of koreans living in China in Garibong dong" by Lee Su-young and Lee Geum-hong

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The Joseon tribe, who lives at Garibong Dong, Seoul, belongs to China. They are a minority race of China. They have grown up with socialism education. They have migrated to capitalism of South Korea to find labor market. And also, they are Han tribe(한민족) speaking Korean.
When we visit Joseon tribe store, the strange goods such as ‘八家子빚다’, ‘식용잿물’, ‘작소다’, ‘영채김치’ etc, are displayed. The menu of Joseon tribe restaurant is like 초두부, 언감자밴새, 소배필, 토닭곰, 짝태, 썩장, 탕반, 입쌀만두, etc.
It looks likes delicate combination of Chinese and Korean. It is the new way that people make a relationship in different space time.
With food culture of Joseon tribe as a center, taking a look at a various layer of life, which continues to migrate with crossing the boundary of country, nation, ideology, culture, is our subject of work.
As running after lamb meat, which is especially unfamiliar with us but common food of Joseon tribe, we are going to pass through gilim, manju, and go to Monggolia at last. GaribongDong food research is the beginning of that long journey.

1. Foods of ethnic koreans living in China



2. Interview 

3. Seminar

4. Food exposition


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