Open Call for Resident Artist 2011 SASG

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Application Guideline for 3rd Resident Artists

at Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON in 2011

Application Title: Invitation to 3rd Resident Artists at Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON in 2011

Application Period: Friday, 01 July ~ Friday, 29 July 2011

Application Field: Visual Artist (Korean /International) and Reporter, Curator, Critic (International)

Residency: 1. Artist (the whole fields of visual arts such as painting, installation, video, photograph)

select field of researching city with 2~3 persons team

2. Reporter, Curator or Critic in Visual Arts (International)

Residency Period

- Korean

Artist: 1 year (01 September 2011 ~ 31 August 2012)

- International

Artist: 4 months (a. 01 January 2012 ~ 30 April 2012 / b. 01 May 2012 ~ 31 August 2012)

Reporter, Curator, Critic: monthly contract, overall 12 persons (01 September 2011 ~ 31

August 2012)

possible to reapply for 2nd Resident artist and short-term artist(May ~ June 2010, July ~ August 2010) at Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON (just one time to reapply consecutively)

Residency Facilities Vacant

- Korean

Artist: 9 Rooms of Studio (9 persons/teams approximately)

- International

Artist: 7 Rooms of Studio (7 persons/teams approximately)

Reporter, Curator, Critic: 1 Room of Studio (12 persons approximately)

Supports details

- Common supported both for Korean and International

1) Studio (1 room for 1 person/team usually)

2) Able to participate in the program at Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON

- Project exhibition, open studio, workshop, presentation and etc.

- Community art project, Italic, training program of sharing artistic talent etc.

3) Grant partially supported on exhibition at Seoul Art Space _GEUMCHEON

4) PR supported in Korean and international (like PR expenses of private exhibition)

5) Spaces and equipment using for Media Lab, large workspace, tool room, seminar room and


- Supports for Korean

Possible to apply exchanging programs with international artists (June 2011 at present: BankArt

1929, Hangar, Apexart, Gertrude)

- Supports for International

Financial aid for airplane ticket for one person (if it resided as a team, one of team members

would be supported)

Hostel provided (Single room for 1 person or team, double room for group)

exemption from space fee and hostel charge

○ How to Apply

- Application period: Friday, 01 July ~ Friday, 29 July 2011

Effective Application uploaded until midnight of 29 July

- How to apply: received by internet (through the Web hard)

2) ID: SASG3337 / Password: 7777

3) Create folder with naming applicant, and upload file

*In this webhard system, you can't make the folder in private.
After you upload application files in your folder with your name on it, I will make the folder in private and send you an email including password of your folder.

○ Application materials

- The application forms downloaded on the official website of Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON can

be filled in and be submitted

- Application to residency, a Planning Statement for creation, an Experience of Artwork, a copy of

the Resident Registration (a copy of Passport for international, a copy of Permanent Residency

or equivalent official document for overseas Korean) and a copy of Portfolio.

* Application to residency and three other attached documents: Prescribed form (Application

packet downloadable)

1) Application to residency

2) Planning Statement for creation: Present detailed data to be verified the possibility of

realizing for creation after joining Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON

3) Experience for Artwork: document for experience in Korea or internationals for recent

three years (mainly result of Artwork or result related with Planning Statement in residency)

In case of group, Experience for Artwork of each group members will be submitted

4) List of group member: submitted in case of group

* a copy of the Resident Registration

a copy of Passport for international artist, a copy of Permanent Residency or equivalent

official document for overseas Korean

in case of group, a copy of the Resident Registration for all member of group will be

submitted on successful applicant

* a copy of Portfolio: file by PowerPoint

including 20 images(with caption), articles or reports by mass media, critique, artist’s

note, or other documents for artworks(such as exhibition leaflets, cover of picture book

including images)

‣ Moving Image (media) artist could attach video file within 5 minutes with extension .avi

- Download Application Package

Application form and guidelines can be downloaded at followed link below

○ Qualification for Applying

- Common both for Korean and International

Individual or group not using, keeping or operating own studio or work space for creating


Individual or group can join in Residency programs and international co-works

Individual or group having interests to or plans to art projects with local inhabitant and


- International group having four or less artists (considering capacity of space at Seoul Art


- Overseas group having one or two artists (assuming double room at hostel)

- No application allowed

Group or association having five or more artists (on overseas, group or association having

three or more artists)

University student on the register (group included with student will be depended on

committee’s decision)

Association composed of memberships

Profit-making organization like commercial cooperate or private agency

Society organized by school, religious or friendship group not having goal for genuine artwork

○ Obligation Duty

- Using space over 15 days per every months (evict on fail to meet the minimum)

- Joining actively in the program by Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON such as Open studio,

exhibition or presentations

- Doing local programs (planned by Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON or by artist himself)

- Paying monthly space and hostel fee (KRW 5,000/3.3 square meter per month) VAT excluded

* Overseas artist free space and hostel fee and hostel charge

- and keeping other regulations of Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON

Selection Process to Resident Artist

- 1st review: document screening

- 2nd review: presentation for evaluation (need to prepare the presentation with .ppt file)

2nd review is for candidates passed through 1st review, and overseas artists are free to be

reviewed the presentation

Candidates passed through 1st review are informed by e-mail and by phone individually

○ Schedule of evaluations and Announcement of Successful Applicants

- Review and Result

Announcement of 1st review result: Friday, 12 August 2011

2nd review: Tuesday, 23 August 2011 for Candidates passed 1st review

- Final Announcement of Successful Applicants: Monday, 29 August 2011

Actual schedule could be adjusted by evaluation conditions

Announcement of Successful Applicants

- Notice on the website of Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON and be informed individually

○ More information to Contact

- Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON: +82-(0)2-807-4138 and

* Application form and guidelines can be downloaded at followed link below