Saskia's Experience at SASG

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How did you find working at SASG?
At the moment I am 4 ½ weeks in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon. The second day of my stay I had to start already working for a group exhibition/collaborrative project at the Brain Factory Gallery that opened ten days later. (so, no time for jetlag.) This was a good and fast introduction to Art Space Geumcheon, and to the other artists, and to Korea in general. I worked in the warehouse with a carpenter that we hired and had to find my way in the Geumcheon area very fast to find materials, tools etc. I find the warehouse spacious and well equipped for working. The first three and a half week of my stay were filled with (too) many events and appointments, so many that I almost had no time to work in my studio. This week I was able to spend a few days my studio without being interrupted. I feel that time is running fast and I prefer to have some quality studio time the next days to write and think. I like my studio, it’s spacious and light. I also enjoy living together and interact with the other artists, both Korean and foreign artists. I would appreciate it very much if there would be a clear monthly agenda in English in advance for the meetings, events, lectures etc. in order to plan my own appointments etc. I have to get used to the ‘size’ of the city of Seoul: distances are quite big and sometimes it takes hours, or half a day to buy something in a shop on the other side of town. That makes precious time running very fast. But it’s also interesting, on the way to the shop there is always a lot to see and discover..

2. How was living at SASG, compared to other international residencies?
The residency is well kept, well equipped and the atmosphere among artists is friendly and good, staff is helpful.

3. Did residencing at SASG effected your work? If so, how?
I think it is not exactly living in the Geumcheon area that effects my work at this moment, but it’s more living in Seoul in that effects my work in the first place. Let’s say it’s too early to be effected by the area already, it’s the culture of Korea in general that is inspiring for me at the moment.