International Artist Residencies in Hangar

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International Artist Residencies in Hangar

Joana Cervia, International Exchange Programs Coordinator

Hangar is an artist run production centre for research and production in visual arts founded in1997 by the Association of Visual Artists of Catalunya (AAVC). Located in a converted factory of 1800m2 (soon to be amplified to 3000 m2) in the Poblenou district in Barcelona, Hangar supports creation and experimentationin the visual arts by offering a series of specialised services. Constituted as a Private Foundation, the centre is funded principally by public money and is run by and for artists according to public operational criteria.
Management and financial support
The centre is financed mainly by the Catalan Government and the Barcelona City Council, with contributions from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, AECID (the Spanish Agency for International Aid and Development), the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Sabadell Bank Foundation. The management of the centre is in the hands of the AAVC Foundation whose direction is elected by the General Assembly of the AAVC.
International Exchange Program
The program seeks to promote artists’ mobility so that they may have the opportunity to develop their work in research, creation and production areas in specialized production centres. Contact and interaction in a different setting favours the artistic working process.Hangar’s grant programme is open to Spanish artists or artists residing in Spain who would like to travel to centres abroad.
The residencies are classified into three different categories in accordance with profile, artistic practice and area of work: 1. European mobility based residencies, 2. Production based residencies, 3. Research and artistic reflection based residencies.
○ Example of Research and artistic reflection residency: Minja Gu and Sabi Yun (Hangar/Ssamzie space grant residency 2008)
- They developed a workshop, One & Others
- Number of participants: 15 people
- Requirements: Digital camera or mobile phone with camera.
This workshop deals with “"gthe gaze”"h, observing and being observed, the reaction and response that this generates, as well as awareness of the gaze.
○ Example of production residency of Mireia Sallarés (Hangar-FONCA/CENART, México 2006).
She initiated the project in 2006 and it continued until this year 2009. During this time she has been working between Mexico and Barcelona.
Las Muertes Chiquitas is a project in progress I began working on at the end of 2006 thanks to an artist-in-residence programme at the CNA Multimedia Centre in Mexico City and Hangar. The central piece and main focus of the project is a documentary film I am editing based on a compilation of conversations with women I filmed in various places in Mexico (from the Distrito Federal to Ciudad Juárez). They talk about experiences with regard to two seemingly opposing topics - the act of pleasure and the execution of violence.
In Mexico an orgasm is sometimes called La Muerte Chiquita, or Little Death.Using this as a starting point, the play on words became the title of a project which talks not only about pleasure, but also about violence and death. They are synchronised experiences of metaphor and the reality of death in daily life in contemporary Mexico.
The Programmes Committee (Jury)
It's responsible for artistic management functions. This committee is made up of 5 Visual Arts experts who are responsible for making decisions based on aesthetic criteria, such as selecting resident artists, pre-selecting artists for an overseas grant or selecting projects. This Committee is renewed every 2 years.
Hangar's international grant program history
List of partnership working between Hangar and with international institutions Since 1998 (first international agreement with PS1 New York) Hangar has managed a program of international artist residences exchanges.
First residency was with PS1 in New York (USA 1998) until 2005.
Hangar continued with its exchange program with Eyebeam in New York (USA) 2006 (only one year).
- La Friche Belle de Mai, Marsella (France 1999)
- Kaus Australis, Rotterdam (Netherlands 1999)
- Duende, Rotterdam ( Netherlands 2003)
- Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy 2000)
- FONCA/CENART, México DF (2004)
- (CALQ)/AxeNéo7, (Québec 2005)
- Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), El Cairo (Egipt 2008)
- El Basilisco, Buenos Aires (Argentina 2008)
- Ssamzie Space, Seoul (Korea 2008)
List of partners 2009
In 2009 there are 8 grant.
- Cittadellarte, Biella (Italy)
- Duende, Rotterdam(Netherlands)
- CIC, El Cairo (Egipt)
- Fonca-Cenart, México D.F. (México)
- GlogauAir, Berlin (Germany)
- Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (Japan)
- MIS, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Rental studios
Hangar has 15 studios to rent, users are artists beginning their professional careers, artists who periodically need to develop a project and artist who are in Barcelona temporarily. To access the Studios:Studio rental for long-term stays (up to 2 years):Hangar issues calls for applications, once a year. Studio rental for short-term stays (1 to 3 months):The application procedure is the same as the one for long-term stays. Hangar issues calls for applications, once a year. The selection process is undertaken by:The selection process is undertaken by Hangar’s Programme Committee.
Resident artists can use the following Hangar services at no extra cost: Medialab, self video editing (Mac G-5), renting of set and multipurpose space, though not including video editing suite with technician. Logistic support for carrying out and producing projects is also provided. Personal interview with Hangar’s Programme Committee held every six months in order to renew rental contract). Studio dimensions: between 30 and 60 m2 Facilities: Work tables, power point, sink, Internet connection, showers and heating Artists renting a studio on a long-stay basis can use the Hangar services at no cost.
Facilities and services for artists
Since 1997, Hangar has been working to offer all artists access to production resources and media, in particular artists in the early stages of their careers. Another of Hangar’s main goals is to promote excellence in arts production through the ongoing development of tools and services that improve production quality of arts projects.
Production Central
Consulting services and information to artists in the early stages of their careers, and, on the other hand, specialised production services for projects requiring holistic assessment. These services include:- A permanent arts production consultancy office: budgeting models, budget optimisation, sample projects, one-off queries, viability consultations, etc.- Overall project production: viability reports (prepared jointly with the technical areas, which carry out the study), budgets, production co-ordination, etc.- Organisation of production teams- Co-ordination to ensure integration of Hangar services: production, video, interaction lab, venues/ physical spaces, programming, etc.
Example of a production project made in Hangar, the collective chicks on speed. The exploration of relationships between the body and technology, provoking, inciting or inspiring reflection about these relationships through the creation of wearable works of art, design and performance.
- Studio space
100m2 grey-walled studio, 4.5m in height. Includes chromo-key backdrop, with two cycloramas (black and white) and suitable linoleum floor. Lighting is artificial but space is isolated and quiet. The space is ‘T’-shaped thus providing two areas on each side which can be used for constructing sets or for backstage purposes.
- Multi-purpose space
A 200 m2 white-walled naturally-lit space (can also be blacked out) divided by columns. The multi-purpose space is equipped with a high-definition video and data projector, loudspeakers and a mixing desk.
- Digital image and photographic post production, online calibrated production image processing and post production (scanning, on-screen display, rip and printing)
- General use of Computers (Internet, Printing, etc.), self editing video service
Self service editing video
This service is aimed at people who are familiar with the software and hardware and are autonomous in terms of editing, with the option of occasional advice and support.
Editing video service
Hangar offers various video production services, including:
A set with a white cyclorama and green chroma key, quartz lighting kit and fluorescent lights with tripods and other accessories - Hire of equipment for shoots: cameras, microphones, etc.
- Camera technician - Configuration of a production team suitable for the project (camera and sound technicians,
sound and photography design, production manager, etc.)
- Specialized editing suite with Apple Certified Pro
Electronic laboratory
Through the Interactive Lab, Hangar can develop all kinds of hardware that may be required for arts projects, such as developing internal electronics, programming and building prototypes. Some examples of applications include: real time interaction, data processing and visualization, synchronisations, devices, automations, remote controls, etc.
The Lab also develops a series of copyright-free tools, which are made available to all artists for use in any projects that may require them.
Streamming service
Hangar has been experimenting with free video distribution systems on the web. Thanks to this work, Hangar currently boasts its own web streaming service, completely based on open source software. The system can be used for live transmission and recording of events, concerts, talks, actions, performances, etc. Users can see the videos embedded in any browser or download them.
Equipment for hire
For shoots, assembling works, project production and documentation.
Training workshops for artists
- Open Source Software
Apart from the fact that Hangar’s IT infrastructure (office, web server, etc) is all based on open source software, our commitment to open source is also reflected in some of the services available to artists:- Workshops- Permanent Medialab where people can work using the Linux platform- Development of specific projects that use open source software or hardware, such as web projects, applications, kiosks, data bases, etc. - A computer with Cinelerra installed for video editing- Working groups- Project advice and support for GNU-Linux
Hangar organizes workshops dealing with particular tools or subjects based on the use of free software in creative projects.
- Every Monday: Workgroup of streaming
- Every Thursday: Open workgroups with Arduino and Pure Data
Open studios
Hangar is not a place for exhibition although twice a year on the occasion of open studios, residents artists can show their work. This year 2009 starts a new activity Presentation of artist'works in differents art spaces in Barcelona city.