Kim Bo-joong

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1981   Hongik University, Fine art B.F.A.
1989   California State University, Chico M.A.(ABD)
1991   University Of California , Irvine M.F.A.
Solo Exhibition
2010   Gallery Han Gil (Art Road 77)
           Namu artist space
2006   AIternative space pool ( flow and flow)
2005   Gallery skape
2004   Duckwon cube gallery
2001   Sung-Kok art museum
1999   Wonseo gallery
           Rhok Saek gallery
1998   Wonseo gallery / Grimsi gallery
1996   Gum-Ho art museum
1995   Namu gallery / Grimsi gallery
1993   Burbank Creative Art gallery (California, U.S.A.)
1991   University Of California, Irvine University gallery
1990   University Of California, Irvine University gallery
1989   Han-Gang gallery
1986   Han-Gang gallery
Group Exhibition
2011   2011 KIAF (Coex hall)
           Korea contemporary figurative painting show 2011(Kwanhoon gallery)
           Being gallery open exhibition (being gallery)
           korea galleries art fair (Coex hall / Yeemock gallery)
2010   Daily Life 'soak' (Kyung Gi University, Ho Yeun gallery)
           The day of pride (AIternative space pool)
2009   transformer (sabina art museum)
2008   some standpoints (maum deongbul art space)
           30's anniversary of Kim Soo-Young 's death (AIternative space pool)
           "The vicinity facilities" (AIternative space pool)
2007   Breath flowing into the tanchon (Sungnam art center)
           2007 Kyunggi-Do museum touring art show
           Korea&China contemporary art festivak(Seojong art museum)
2006   Dooin gallery openning festival
           "The face of sung nam" art festival ( sung nam art center)
           The open air art festival (Jara island, Ga-peong Gun)
2005   Graf-2005 (kyung gi do art museum)
           Open art fair (ho gallery)
2004   You are my sunshine " korea contemporary art 1960-2004 " (total museum)
           Re-mesis (space beam)
           korea landscape " shift of center" (kong peong gallery)
2003   deep tableau (AIternative space pool)
           pictorial meditation of psalm 23 (vit gallery)
2002   From Korea (ACS, Seoul auction gallery)
           The Nude (Gallery Sabina)
           International Eco-environmental Art Exhibition (Hangaram Art Museum)
           To become one with nature (Young Eun Museum of Contemporary Art)
           Green pastures & quiet waters (Vit gallery)
           1000 eyes & 1000 paths (Kwanhoon art museum)
           Good news (Vit gallery)
2001   'Korea contemporary art-44 pieces of puzzle' ( La mere gallery)
           The 13rd 'landscape of Korea' (Kwanghwamoon gallery)
           'Seeing the Chiak mountain' (Wonjoo art center)
           Ecotopia: The dream of New Atlantics (Busan city art museum)
2001   Odyssey (Sung san art hall, The city of Chang won)
2000   Relay & relay (Insa art center)
           Waking land (Bitz gallery)
           The landscape and the place, Utopia & Atopia (Kyung-Gi Do art museum)
           Kwang-Ju biennial special exhibition ' The forest of human, The forest of painting'
           The 2nd Boon dang art festival (Sam sung plaza gallery)
1999   1990s' The situation of art (Ellen kim & Murphy gallery)
           Ah! Korea (Sang gallery)
           The art festival of the May (Grimsi gallery)
1998   "98"Suwon art fair show (Kyung-Gi Do art center)
           One day (21c gallery)
           Kim's outlet off-Museum show (Kim's outlet Bundang gallery)
1997   Insadong's garden (Sabina gallery)
           Basilleia (Gallery Korea / Grimsi gallery)
1996   The young trends of the autum (Jun-Joo University art museum)
           Han Gang gallery after 10years (Duckwon gallery)
           Sabina gallery openning ceremony show (Sabina gallery)
1994   Minjoong art after 15years "1980-1994" (National Modern Art Museum)
           The selected artists of the Orange county (Irvine Fine Art Center)
1992   Two men show "Bo-Joong,Kim / Dan Corbin" (1078 gallery , Chico , U.S.A.)
           Three men show (L.A. Artcore gallery)
1991   Mixed media show awarded first prize (Burbank Creative Art gallery)
           Art Beat Festival awarded second prize (Costa Mesa Fine Art center)
1990   Mixed media show awarded first prize (Burbank Creative Art gallery)
           Two men show (University gallery , U.C.I.)
           Explorations (Cal State University Convention Center, Long Beach)
1989   8th Annual Invitational show (1078 gallery , Chico, CA)
           California Sacramento Fine Art Center awarded second prize (CSFAC)
           Cal State University, Chico awarded first prize (University gallery)
1986   Erotic art of Today show (Min gallery)
           6th the power of consciousness show (Han Gang gallery)
1985   The Dae-Dong festival of art (Arab art museum)
           5th the power of consciousness show (Han Gang gallery)
           1984 The art of the Life (Kwan hoon gallery)
           The great roots show (Han Gang gallery)
           4th the power of consciousness show (Han Gang gallery)
           The process of aesthetic in the 1980s' show (Han Gang gallery)
1983   The appearance of Seoul show (Monmarte gallery, Inchon)
           2nd / 3rd the power of consciousness show (Kwan hoon gallery)
           Noises,Crosswires and Bustle show (Kwan hoon gallery)
           Zeitgeist (The 3rd art gallery)
           Heung dan group show (Kwan hoon gallery)
           Open-air art festival at Dae sung ri (Dae sung ri open-air art center)
1982   The prospect of modern art in the 1980s' (Korea fine art center)
           "The frankness of consciousness & its voice" show (Kwan hoon gallery)
           The 1st power of consciousness show (Dong duck gallery)
           Open-air art festival at Dae sung ri (Dae sung ri open-air art center)
1981   Heung dan group show (Kwan hoon gallery)
           Open-air art festival at Dae sung ri (Dae sung ri open-air art center)
1980   8th Independent show (National modern art museum)
           Hong ik printing group show(Kwan hoon gallery)
           Joong-Ang daily newspaper art festival awarded prize (National modern art museum)
           Korea-America printing show (America culture center)



Places of Residence Remember Their Residents.
Kim No-am(Curator, Art Space Hue)

Nowadays, artists became models or examples for a beautiful life. People, whatever they do, often go back to artistic life in the course of a usual lifecycle. Ordinary life turns into artistic life. Arts led people to look over their lives. They are far from idle spectators, reflecting into their lives while tripping outside and inside the center of their lives. To the artist, ‘a place of residence’ is where daily routine is beautified in mixture with the values of life.
The place of residence is similar to where a house is, but includes the human life and culture that it has not. A residency includes the physical aspects of spaces especially focusing on residing persons out there. Human beings are put on the first priority. Therefore, where they reside is not an issue of real property but relates to the affluence and refreshment of life and living. In other words, the artist’s image comes from what the residency is esthetically interpreted.
This exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon shifts to that of urban city from the image of woods, like repeating the history of mankind. Artists’ pictures capture the existences across the woods (whatever spirits they have), paralleled or overlapped by images in multiple dimensions, resulting in their unique, robust patterns. From the exhibition, ‘a place of residence’ is also exceptional.
Gaepo apartment in Gangnam-gu, stairways in Anchang town, Busan, Sibum apartment in Bukahyun-dong, Seoul and Itaewon and others. Alleys move surreally, and apartments with cracks and crevices are materials for formative arts. A mass of footsteps on playing grounds are in synchronism with voices of children out there. These works are filled with metaphors of lives that are twisted, intertwined, interrupted or fulfilled. The places of residency create a fantasy in the mixture of the past with the present.
On an alley where someone passes by, the traces of ordinary peoples’ touches and lives are shadowed. Their silhouettes are represented by the vestiges of their lives lingering on the residency of people who never reveal themselves in the works. Any residency without human footsteps is full of epic poetry that depicts a myriad of human lives, tinged with reflections and yearlong experiences.

To artists, their residency turns into an esthetical being. The residency does not exist as they are. It is reminded of a certain past, history or horizon. Human beings do not recall their residency but the esidency does them.