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bonpark@gmail.com (Bona Park)
ennjicho@gmail.com (Eunji Cho)

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http://www.mcjoonsausage.blogspot.com/ (Michelangelo Pistoletto Band)
www.gigaction.com/eunjicho (Eunji Cho)
Bona Park

2006-2008   MFA art practice, Goldsmiths College, The University of London, UK
2001-2004   BA fine art, the Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
1996-2000   BA English literature and BA mass communication, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
Selected solo shows & projects
2011   FREE Flight, Platform Place 629, Seoul, Korea
           X reverse, Pingpong art space , Taipei, Taiwan
2009   X2, The Room (the project space in Total Museum), Seoul, Korea
2005   Ya project 01 - Park, Bona, gallery Ga, Seoul, Korea
2003   Eraser head, gallery 126, Seoul, Korea
Collaboraiton projects
2011   Ellery Queen: The Finishing Stroke ( collaborated with Roisin Byrne) Space O'newall, Seoul, Korea
           Michelangelo Pistoletto Band @ Incheon, Korea (collaborated with Eunji Cho), Space Beam,
           Seoul, Korea
           123 Band Performance (collaborated with Eunji Cho), Concrete Island opening
           by Okin Collective,gallery Takeout Drawing, Seoul, Korea
           ReaEstateBoxEmptySeongamIsland123(collaborated with Eunji Cho), Seongam Island, Ahnsan,
Selected group shows & projects
2011   From Blank Pages, Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea
           EMAF (Ewha Media Art Festival) 2011, Ewha Women's University, Seoul, Korea
           Hit and Run, random public places in Seoul, Korea
           Live Ammo, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei, Taiwan
2010   Island - Gyeonggi Creation Center local collaboration project, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ahnsan,
           Pong-dang, Gyeonggi Creation Center , Ahnsan, Korea
           Conceal from your eye, Bastero, Andoain, Spain
           Cooperation, not Corporation, ITS-Z1, International Test Site, Ritopek, Serbia
           Residency Parade, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea
           Out of line, space Hamilton, Seoul, Korea
           Novel 01: in search of Junhon Lee, gallery Takeout Drawing, Seoul, Korea
2009   Flexible Aura, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea
           Unidee in Progress,Cittadellarte -Foundazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
           Jamais-vu, H.Forman & Son event hall, London, UK - 2009 Hackney Wicked Festival
2008   Visual vocabulary : between image and word, the Gallery in Wilsden Green Library, London, UK
           Goldsmiths College MFA degree show, London, UK
2007   The Shifted state, Bear Space, London, UK
2005   15 Villages stories in Gwangju, the City Hall, Gwangju, Korea
           Let's go to Venice Biennale, gallery 175, Seoul, Korea
Awards & grants & residencies
2011-2012   Seoul Art Space _Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea
2011   collaboration project with Eunji Cho selected and supported by Space Beam, Incheon, Korea
           Pingpong Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 -2011   Studio 683, Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
           Artist Residency, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ahnsan, Korea
2009   Artist Residency, Cittadellarte- Fondazione Pistoletto, ( UNESCO-Aschberg Grant), Biella, Italy
2006   The New Face Artist for 2006 awarded by the monthly magazine, 'Art in Culture', Korea
2011   Ellery Queen: The Finishing Stroke, Space O'newall, Seoul, Korea
           Free Flight, Bona Park, Press Kit Press, Seoul, Korea
2010   Island, Gyeonggi Creation Center local collaboration project, Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ahnsan,
           Novel 01 : footnotes without text , Roundabout, Seoul, Korea
2009   Flexible Aura, Brain Factory, Seoul, Korea
           Unidee 2009, Cittadellarte-Foundazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy
           Bona Park, X,XX,X2, The Room (The project space in Total Museum), Seoul , Korea
Eunji Cho
2000   Central St.Martins College of art & Design. MA Fine Art/London. U.K.
1995   E-wha Woman’s University, Seoul. BA Sculpture/Seoul. Korea
Selected Exhibitions and Art Activities
2011   (In)visible Move and Human Agency/Gunsan Suhyup. Gunsan. Korea
           Dtang, The Mud Said._Eunji Cho Solo Show/National Theater Company of Korea. Seoul.Korea
           Michelangelo Pistoletto @ Incheon/Sapce Beam. Incheon. Korea
           EMAP 2011/E-wha Woman’s Univ. Seoul. Korea
           Media Scape/Nam Jun Paik Museum. Suwon. Korea
           Dancing To The Rhymes/Kumho Museum. Seoul. Korea
2010   Seom. GCC Local Collaboration Project Exhibition/ Sungam Island, Asan, Korea
           The Multi-Culture In Our Time_Gyeonggi Creation Center & Le Pavillon(Palais de Tokyo)
           Exhibition / Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art/ Ansan, Korea
           Okin-Open Site/ Okin APT Site. Seoul. Kore
           Sound Effect Seoul 2010:Sound Specific/SangSang Madang. Seoul. Korea
2009   Nelson Mandela Must Be Free/ Spor Klübü, Berlin. Germany
           Instructional Work/Room Gallery. Auckland. New Zealand
           Green Underground/Take Out Drawing. Seoul. Korea
2008   Gwangju Biennale/Gwangju Biennale Exhition Hall. Gwangju. Korea
           Open Studio at DCR/DCR artist studio. The Hague. Holland
           Close To You/Kaywon Art College Gallery27. Gyeonggi-do. Korea
2007   The Organic Flag Performance/Baene-gol, Gyeongsang Province, Korea
           Flexible Landscape Performance APAP 2007/ Anyang New Town. Korea
           Independent Drawing GIG.3/The Qurtair, The Hague, Holland
           100 Ideas & 10000 Combinations/Yeonhee-dong 195 project Space. Seoul. Korea
           KIAF 2005 Special Exhibition. ‘Something Mr.C can’t have.’/ COEX. Seoul. Korea
2006   Virginia Woolfs meets New Town City / History of Women Exhibition, Seoul. Korea
           Sound & Screening 4. An Actual Poem_By Eunji Cho/ Insa Art Space, Arts Council Korea.
           Free Performance (They got paid daily and left to take a break)/Ilsan New Town. Korea
           3rd Dog Farm Concert/Performance in Dog Breeding farm in Daegok/Korea
2005   Tavola rotonda sulla condizione della donna straniera in Italy_The Skin of Biella Project/
           Cittadellarte. Italy
           Citta Biella /Billboard Installation/Biella Train station. Italy
           Valigia Cantata Performance/Biella. Italy
2004   Band Venus Eclipse meets Jiyul, the Activist Monk/Performance and discussion/
           Pidgin Collective 1st collection/Haja Center. Seoul. Korea
           Minority Report/Collaborate with Artist collective Mixrice/Arhus. Denmark
2003   Dog/Person/Show_Solo Exhibition/Artinus. Seoul. Korea
Workshops & Lectures
2009   Multiculturalism in our time/ Palais de Tokyo. Paris
2009 -2010   Lecturer. Kookmin University. Seoul
2008, 2009   Artist talk. Yonsei University. Seoul
2007-2008   Lecturer. Ulsan University, Ulsan. Korea
2006   Virginia Woolfs meets New Town City/Exhibition and Workshop about new town policy and
           gender/History of Women Exhibition, Seoul Korea
           Jeju & Seogwipo Libraly of Miracle workshop for Children/ Libraly of Miracle. Jeju & Seogwipo.
2005   Workshop ‘Creativita e Transformazione Sociale Responsabile/ San Servolo, Venice, Italy
2011   Gunsan Art Residency Project/Gunsan. Korea
2010   RealEstateBoxEmptyIsland123 Project/ Collaboration with Bona Park
2009-   Okin APT Project/Collaboration with Shiu Jin, Jungmin Yi, Jooyoung Lee, Whayoung Kim
2008   I.D. GIG4 Incheon_Jakjeon holiday factory/Incheon
2006   Yeonhee-dong 195 Residency Project/ Collaboration with Jooyoung Lee,
           Jan Christensen and other artists/Seoul. Korea
           Travel Bag Singer Project/ Collaboration with Jang Un Kim/ Ilsan New Town. Korea/
2005   The Skin of Biella Project/ Collaboration with Victor Andrea Munoz/Biella, Italy
2003-2006   Open Studio Project/Collaboraton with Kyeongran Cho and Youngji Kwon/Korea
Other Activities
2003-2006   Editor and Organizer of Open Studio Project/Studio on Paper
2003-2006   Visual Band Venus Eclipse/New Ingredients member
2007   Anyang Public Art Project 2007/Anyang City Hall
           Art in City Public Art Project/Art Council Korea
2006   Sound & Screening 4. An Actual Poem_By Eunji Cho/ Insa Art Space, Art Council Korea
           Graf2006/They got daily and left to take a break/Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

2011   Lard Score
2009   Earth Thief
2006   Open Studio Project/Studio on Paper 1
           Open Studio Project/Studio on Paper 2
           An Actual Poem Audio CD
2004   Open Studio Project Book
International Artist Residency Program
2011   Seoul Art Space Geumcheon( Participating as Michelangelo Pistoletto Band)/ Seoul. Korea
2010   Gyeonggi Creation Center/ Ansan. Korea
2009   Pilot Projekt Gropiusstadt/ Berlin. Germany
2008   DCR Residency Program/ DCR. The Hague. Halloand
2007   Seok-su Market International Artist Residency_Artist Forum International/ Anyang. Korea
2005   Cittadellarte_Fondazione Pistoletto/Biella. Italy



About a Band Preparing to Get Retired When It Becomes Top
siren eun young jung(Artist)

Michelangelo Pistoletto Band(hereinafter as Michey Band) was organized by two female artists, Bona Park and Eunji Cho, when they participated in a residency program at Gyeonggi Creation Center located in Seongam- island, Ansan, Korea. From its start, the band was not called as such. The band used to be called 123 Band, which was named after the only Bus No. 123 conneting a little remote island, Seongam-island, to a city, Ansan. After performing two songs ‘To Let’ and ‘Owner of Another Island’ in an empty box building in the island, it changed its name into Michelangelo Pistoletto Band. Michelangelo Pistoletto is an artist and a founder of a residency program in Italy, where both artists of the band participated in different years. However the band turns authority, dignity, seriousness or complexity of art associated with the powerful male’s name into abruptness, heterogeneity, lightness, flatness or easiness. Michey Band seems to take an opposite direction that performativity of the grand name has, and its strategy appears to be successful.
However, why should it be a band? For Bona Park and Eunji Cho, doing a band (or art) is a fantasy that they never reach but still dream, and a band performance (or artistic performativity) is a lip-synced music, which is never matched with real sound. It is as ‘Guns and Roses’ to Bona Park or ‘Prince’ to Eunji Cho. Their commanding stage presence and overwhelming performances enrapture and drive Michey Band but frustrate them at the same time. They present themselves in a form of non-fine art, band music, and reveal the process that such shameless and unsophisticated trials fail. Without aim and desire, the fantasy is repeatedly led to fiasco, which is an ingrained characteristic of their works. However it surprisingly plays a role to unveil political and social structure implied in landscapes where they intervene. The band makes strange surroundings - empty buildings in a remote island, land for sale, flats lined up in a form of unrefined American-style bed towns, a global city where post-modern skyscrapers rise up, also, desolate ruins in an old collapsing town which has been simultaneously inhaled into a whirl of redevelopment project, and a rustic resort which became an abandoned community or a ruin - much more unfamiliar, The band just appears in music videos against such backdrop, but such landscapes get more pushed to a frontline and to a political arena.

They are a band but neither musicians nor singer- songwriters. They write lyrics but ask a composer to make music, and then they just try to imitate a band by synchronizing the songs recorded with others’ voices. Their performance copies ‘cool band like looking’, but it comes somewhat awkward bit by bit sliding far from integrity. Their performance, which seems nothing, veils something but unveils others. Lyrics are not clearly heard at the first time and yet get more prominent in a series of repetition, while their body movement, which do not specifically express, ridiculously steps backward behind the lyrics and landscapes. Michey Band chooses landscapes with careful intentions. It is needless to say how intentionally they choose places for performance or frame music videos. Obviously, Mickey Band’s humorous performance abandoned or breached customs of institutional arts. However, because the landscapes and place they choose are familiar issues in contemporary art, their performance seems to go back to representation of landscapes, which is an institutional art. It represents their chaotic conditions or intended twists leading to spectators’ laughter and confusion. The band will retire just when the public look at them with a surfeit of yearnings as well as confusion concurrently. Since then, the band will remain as a myth. Michey Band is waiting for their retirement. It means that they are waiting for the peak when their dramatic disappearing becomes possible. It is for fading into an eternal fantasy and staying as cacophony of an aimlessly expended place and history.