[Symposium 2010] The Role of Art in the Public Domain : Issues of Local Reqeneration and Community Arts

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2010 International Symposium <The Role of Art in the Public Domain : Issues of Local Regeneration and Community Arts>
CEO, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Hosang Ahn

This fall, in harvest season, I am pleased to present the 2010 International Symposium at Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon. First of all, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers who have made unsparing efforts for its success, and all participants who attend this symposium despite their busy schedules.

Under the title The Role of Art in the Public Domain: Issues of Local Regeneration and Community Arts, the symposium aims to explore how to revitalize regions through community arts, and analyze the present situation of community arts by employing a framework of cultural theory, art policy, geography, and contemporary art. An analysis of Geumcheon’s local properties and a comparative
study of internal and external cases were conducted to add depth to discussions. It is anticipated ideas on how community arts practices have been dedicated to the growth of local society, what roles artists, theoreticians, producers, and administrators assume in community arts and ways on how effective partnerships can be made and how they can achieve the mission of regional revitalization through
these partnerships will be explored in these discussions.

The symposium is particularly timely and meaningful in that it has been mounted to mark the 1st anniversary of the Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon. Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, whose buildings were remodeled from a printing plant, has the objective to experiment with globalized aesthetics and locality through exchanges between domestic and overseas artists and curators, and to become an artistic foothold linking local areas to the world, advocating its status as an international artist residence. In addition, the space has consistently put into practice community arts programs suggested by resident artists, and explored its role in the local area in diverse ways.

Two forums on community arts were held to plan this symposium, bringing together prominent theoreticians, curators, Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon resident artists, and local people. The forums endeavored to bring about more substantial results and practical discussions.

In response to the Seoul municipal government’s culturenomics (culture+economics) strategy, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture intends to support and nurture artistic creation, increase chances for local residents to enjoy culture and the arts, and eventually embody an assignment of local revitalization. The theme of this symposium, The Role of Art in the Public Domain: Issues of Local Regeneration and Community Arts is a goal the Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon has to steadily pursue. The symposium explores ways to build partnerships between art world insiders, experts, and those interested in community arts, based on an understanding of community arts and its role.
I expect in-depth discussions on the role of creative space for artists, citizens, and the city, and a creation support system to be made through this symposium to be held on November 4th and a subsequent symposium in Seoul Art Space_ Mullae on November 5th, 2010. I hope you will continue your interest in Seoul’s creative spaces.

* Sourcebook of the symposium can be downloaded with followed link below
2010 International Symposium