Chankook Park

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Chankook Park (BankART1929 / 2010)

Artist Information
PARK chankook (Born in korea 1959) Studied mural painting in the Kyoto Art University. Graduated M.A (1992-1995)
Founded ’M Visual Research Center through which community-based urban murals were made. Also did projects around urban-art themes that focused on the everyday (1995-2001)

From 2002, directed the Milmeory art school in Yeoju, and created projects that combined the themes of space, culture, social issues, and education. Participated in the School Culture Art Education Task Force Team under the Ministry of the Culture in 2003 and directed the school culture art education pilot programs for four years. Worked as an art director of many projects including  “Warm Left Hand,” “Sweet Potato Project,” “Rainbow around the City,” “Grow,” Gwangju Biennale Curator in 2004, “Uh Uh Uh Village Festival” of the Seoul Design Olympic of 2008, “Gold Market Project” of the City Gallery, among others.

Recently, as a resident artist of the Seoul Art Factory Geumcheon, PARK has been exploring the themes of urban revitalization and glocal art under the new name of “Moving Milmeory.” (2009-2010)
Urban Environment and Art Department Adjunct Professor, Jeonjo University (2008-2010)
Experience at BankART1929