Expert Supporting Program 2012

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'Expert Supporting Program' started in April 2011 by inviting experts in the realm of culture and arts including critics, curators, writers, and gallery staff to visit the studios and discuss how residency artists can carry out artistic activities and plan exhibitions outside of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon.
A pilot project was initiated by experts visiting th estudios in 2011 and this was followed by an internt publication, which outlined the discussion hld between the experts and residency artists regarding what artists and their artworks should aim to do.
In addition, other events were planned including a Curator's Residency Program which stared in 2012 plus a series of conferences sponsored by other institutions and international experts visiting to Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon. This gave some of the residency artists a chances to exhibition internationally.

February 2012
Yang Eun-hee (Independent curator, Ph.D. degree in art history) - Linh Nguyen(Vietnam, Artist in residency)

March 2012
Hong Sung-min (Professor of Kaywon School of Art & Design) - Jody Wood(United States, Artist in residency)
Sung Wan-kyung (Emeritus professor of Inha School of Art & Sports) - Quentin Cornet(France, Artist in residency)
Oh Se-won (Director of Culture Station Seoul 284) - Gabriel Rico(Mexico, Artist in residency)

April 2012
Hong Myung-seop(Professor of Hansung University, Artist) - Adam Thompson(UK)
Julia Marsh(Full time Lecturer of Seoul National University) - James Robert Southard(US)
Kim Hee-young(Professor of Kookmin University, Ph.D. degree in art history) - Les Joynes(United States, Artist in residency)

May 2012
Moon Young-min(Artist, Critic) - Im Heung-soon(KR)
Shin Hyunjin(Independent Curator) - Okin Collective(KR)
siren eun young jung(Artist) - Michelangelo Pistoletto Band(KR)
Lee Kwang-suk(Professor of Seoul National University of Science and Technology) - Listen to the City(KR)

June 2012
Jeon Yong-seok(Artist) - Mixrice(KR)
Kim No-am(Curator, Art Space Hue) - Kim Bo-joong(KR)