Vicente Vázquez

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Vicente Vázquez (Hangar/ 2011)

Vicente Vázquez (Taragona, 1976) makes up, together with Usue Arrieta (Arrasate, Guipúzcoa, 1979) a work unit named weareQQ. Together they have developed a multi-disciplinary body of work based on exercises of redefinition of social spaces that determine the political, ideological and economical aspects of everyday life contexts usually taken as a given; it is a way of establishing – through video, installation and interventions in the public space- new possibilities for relationships between people and their contexts.
During this period Vazquez and Arrieta have developed site specific projects as well as exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions iin Spain since 2006, including Paraninfo UPV in Bilbao, La Capella in Barcelona, Center of Contemporary Art Dos de Mayo, Madrid and Espai2 in Terrassa. Their time based work has been shown in many International Film Festivals including Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival and International Documentary Film Festival Punto de Vista were they were awarded with the X Films award of Experimental Cinema.
Their work has been shown in numerous venues internationally as in Russia, China, Morocco, Portugal, Italy or Greece: In 2006 they were awarded with the Injuve National Award for emerging artists, and in 2011 they have been awarded with the Jose Garcia Jimenez Art Award. They have been in numerous Artist in residency programs in Spain as well as in Rosario, Argentina, and they are actually residing at so they are currently based in Barcelona.. Through 2011 their work will be shown in Galeria Estrany de la Mota, Barcelona, Valls Contemporary Art Biennial, Artium Museum of Contemporary art of Vitoria among others. http://weareqq/.

Project at SACG

Going in circles talks about the form of what is collective, its dynamics, mutations, rhythms and tones. The project looks at the regimes of visibilization of this “being collective” or collectiveness, thus using its representations as a vehicle to apprehend the human and non human mediators that take part in a concrete phenomenon (KSPO track  cycle racing). The project tries to reach the moment of formation and dissipation of a collective.