Geumcheon Mrs.

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Artist: Geumcheon Mrs.

Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2012
Genre: Visual Arts
2010-2011 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Workshop for Local Inhabitants
               ○○ Talkative Project 2010.12.1-2011.01.31
2011 Very Private Museum, Video & Sound & Akive & Installation
       Art Factory Scandal, Artist Talk for Local Inhabitants(Housewives)
2012 National Creative Space Network Project
      'creative attitude of the street- gun carriage factory
       Seoul Art Space Geumcheon 2012 Community Art selected through an open competition program: Seoul blues work and film premiere

2011 Geumcheon Mrs. Art Factory scandal NO.1 progress
2012 Open Studio and Exhibition: sharing cooking performance
       Geumcheon Mrs. Art Factory scandal NO.2 progress
       National Creative Space Network project 'creative attitude of the street-gun carriage factory: sharing cooking performance

2011 ○○ Talkative
       Private museum exhibit


Geumcheon Mrs.

Azoomma playing with art, Geumcheon Mrs. We chatted with the art. And broke a dish. We made our story and participated in 'Very Private Museum'. This time made films. 'Geumcheon Blues' was the story of Geumcheon. We do not know where we end up in the future. But we are still talking about the Arts Factory Scandal, dreaming art from the Mrs. stalls, the Mrs. cafe.

I Love Geumcheon Mrs.
Kim Yongik (Artist)
I have exceptional hopes for the ‘Geumcheon Mrs.’
It is because the ’Geumcheon Mrs.’, who had participated as students in artist-in-residence Lim Heungsoon's community education program the ‘Pang Pang Garrulous Chat’, have finished the course and experienced how to make movies while participating in another community art project of the artist Im Heung-soon's, ‘Geumcheon Blues’, showing us how they are turning into artists in their own right themselves.
I perceived these housewives as model examples of advancing a step beyond ‘the right to enjoy culture’, in consuming culture, to enjoy ‘the right to culture in creating works themselves. I then applied an expanded interpretation to this as exemplifying a model of transitioning from a labor society of cultural enjoyment rights to a cultural society of cultural rights. The group has applied for artist-in-residence status at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon and passed the jury process to now become artists-in-residence. With the first-floor studio space they have thus been assigned, the group has opened a cafe named ‘Geumcheon Mrs.’ and are attempting to manage it so that it becomes a ‘cultural powerplant’.
However, at this point they appear to be momentarily in hesitation from uncertainties regarding what to do next. Therefore I suggested they create a documentary taking full advantage of the "moviemaking techniques" they have learned and record in video the process it took for them to set up the cafe, the reason they did it and the relationships between people being shaped at the cafe, those changes, etc.
I also suggested they propose such programs as the ‘Pang Pang Garrulous Chat project’, in which Im Heung-soon instructed and the group participated, at public institutions or facilities, schools, etc. and in other areas and to implement them. I asked them to help residents of other areas share what they had experienced as well that way. I then encouraged the group to proceed with confidence that the recording and creating of a documentary of this entire process precisely constitutes creating works and public art.
I hope there may be a second, third Geumcheon Mrs. by as they follow the path I had encouraged them toward.