Marie Andree Pellerin

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Artist: Marie Andree Pellerin
Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2012
Genre: Visual Arts/Installation, Video, Drawing
Marie-Andrée Pellerin
2010-11 Graduate Certificate in Design and Computation Arts Concordia University, Montreal
2005-09 Undergraduate Studies in Architecture Université de Montréal

Solo exhibition
2012, Cabinet des dichotomies visuelles, Galerie La Tangente, Marseille

Group exhibition
2012, CO TO JEST? Hello Collective residency’s exhibition, Cieplice (Poland)
2012, AFTERWORLD, Atelierul de productie, Bucharest
2012, PRELUDE AT DR. GANCEVICI, Laboratorul de Imunologie, Bucharest
2011 MONTREAL HIGH LIGHTS FESTIVAL, Nuit Blanche (in collaboration with Alice Jarry and UOU) Montreal
2010-11, ENTRETIENS (GRIFFINTOWN) Urban intervention project, diffusion by Dare-Dare Montreal

2012-13 Residency at Geumcheon Seoul Art Center - 3 months, Seoul (South Korea)
2012 Residency at Hello Collective - 2 weeks, Cieplice (Poland)
2012 Residency at BUCHAREST AIR - 1 month, Bucharest (Romania)
2011 Residency at ESPACE ALTER, - 1 month, Auberge alternative, Montreal

2012, Finalist for The GEORGES-LAOUN-OPTICIEN-OBORO 2012, Super Short Film, Oboro
2012, Travel grant, Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec (LOJIQ)
2012, Up-and-coming grant, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec
2011, Travel grant, Offices Québec-Monde pour la Jeunesse (OQMJ)

Public presentations
2012, Artist talk at Cieplice Art Lycee, Poland
2012, Lecture at Universitatea Nationala de Arte Bucuresti, Bucharest
2012, Open Studio PARALLEL ACTIVITIES, Bucharest
2011, Public presentation - Invited Artist at the occasion of the exhibition Griffintown : Inside Stories and the Conference for Irish Studies, FOFA Gallery, Montreal 

< Augustine (The Volcano Lover – Part I) > graphite and color pencils on paper, 2012-13

 < Augustine (The Volcano Lover – Part I) > painting and carving on carpet, 2012-13

< Augustine (The Volcano Lover – Part I) > sculptures prototypes, carpet , wood 2012-13

< Augustine (The Volcano Lover – Part I) > sculpture in studio, carpet and wooden structure, 2012-13

 < The Giant Mountain > installation: sculptures, drawings, video, 2012

 < Cabinet des dichotomies visuelles > installation: sculptures, drawings, video, 2012

Marie-Andrée Pellerin

My projects are initiated through the discovery of emblematic locations, natural or constructed (mountains, cliffs, monuments, landmarks, etc). I investigate individual and collective activities that are in relation to these locations. This allows me to analyze how a man attempts to position himself in a specific place and to rationalize the world in proportion to his own scale.

Marie-Andrée Pellerin
Tim Citizen (Artist)
Marie-Andree Pellerin’s sculptures and drawings open a window on obsession and taxonomy. The explosive potential of the mountain balanced with the humble mark of graphite on paper. Taking her cues from Sontag's The Volcano Love she has worked to mine the potential energy trapped inside the rocks and boulders of Jeju's volcanic surface.
Pellerin's mountains come straight from our day-to-day life and emerge crystal like, or as though forced by tectonic plates, from the floor of her studio. Frozen shapes clad in office carpet, they are the explosive potential of the mundane. These simple forms are set against detailed drawings of the architecture and shapes which inhabit Jeju's volcanic landscape. She draws our eye to the human intervention in this hostile environment.
A collector is both rational and emotional, and she has emulated this in her work. Considered and careful observations, in tension with the raw emotion released by the volcano, shed light on the contemplation of the sublime. Artist's Glossary
Mountains. Mountains are impressive to me for their monumentality. I'm interested
in the greatness of nature, its representation, and the concept of the sublime. In sculpture, I generate various volumes such as truncated pyramids and polyhedrons. They are simplified volumes that are derived from natural forms.
Volcanoes. I'm interested in a specific category of mountains: volcanoes. Volcanoes are mountains that enclose a potential danger. As a matter of fact, “the potential ruin the volcano holds includes its own.”1) It is the destructive nature of the volcano that makes it so attractive for visitors and explorers.
Natural sciences. I am not a scientist, but I admire the curiosity that scientists have toward the world. I think this is where art meets science. Rather than focusing on mathematical formulas or the technological inventions that arise from science, I am interested in explorations for the sake of pure knowledge.
Office carpet. At the moment, I work with office carpet as a sculptural material: the gray standard carpet, this outmoded emblem of corporate interior architecture. I use the industrial appearance of this carpet in order to extract organic shapes from their natural context, as a “study of the massive colliding with the mundane.”2) The carpet fabric allows me to create a shift from natural forms into schematized volumes.
Marie-Andrée Pellerin
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2) Timothy James Innes, Navigation, project proposal, p.2