David Kagan (212/ Residency Unlimited)

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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia performance artist, fascinated with identity construction. My interests
are twofold: all the experiences that enable and give rise to the sense of self; and the
bridge between personal and collective experience - ways that an individual’s deeply
private subject matter can be co-opted and found relevant to other people’s lives. Using
myself as test subject, I document quotidian occurrences – social interactions, observations, fantasies - and insert them into aesthetic structures for the purpose of
analysis. In the past, I have utilized Western pop-cultural genres of the Hollywood film and television sitcom; currently, I am exploring formats of music and sound art, as informed by recent travels.

The Third Mini Album (Cover), 2012
digital print, 81 x 81 cm

The Third Mini Album (installation still), 2012
three channel video, 20 min.

The Third Mini Album (live performance), 2012
custom suit, translator, drummer, 20 min.