Exhibition : The Creative Attitude of that 'Distance'

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The Creative Attitude

It was a distance that was hard to estimate from the start. Difficult to measure with different many worldly standards, the distance is a stratum with layers of differences, a distance of time that is penetrating the present, a skinship of the contemporary world that is adhered with itself in the speed of broadband network, and a mythological distance with an endless series of myths like the world full of martial arts masters. Above all, the distance involves artists, and it is populated with the creative space that promotes artists, locals who watch life, art, and the relationship between the two with interest, with indifference, or the ones who look away from them with no interest at all. It is difficult to talk hastily about the tension of the distance through fragmentary meanings such as love, sacrifice, consideration, harmony, support, goodness, understanding and communication that filled the distance within the uncertain and absurd relations. In this more elaborate, concrete and sensuous distance was a process of enmity and conflict, difference and indifference, and ignorance and hurt. Within it, art bred with the process. The current exhibition deals with the raw relationships that resemble the shaman dance on a sword with a ‘creative attitude.’


- Curated by Kim Wol-sik
- Participating Art Spaces and Artists :
Gyeonggi Creation Center(Gu Min-ja, Park Jun-sik), Public Art Freezoom, The National Art Studio(Hong Won Seok), Geumeum-gongan(Moonja-geuem), Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon(Geumcheon Mrs., Seems like community, Heaven Baek, Okin Collective, Im Heung-soon), Na Kyu-hwan, Art Space Noon, Art Forum Rhee(Park Sang-deok), Alternative Art Space Sonahmoo(Chun Won-kil), Learning to Learn, Space Gong, Park Chan-kook, Seongmisan Town(Kim Myung-jip), Seoul Art Space_Seong-buk(NNR), Son Han-saem, Stone and Water(Park Chan-eung, the late Choi Koh-eun), Space Beam, Space SSEE, Art Space Donquixote, Open Space Bae, Lee Gwan-joon, Lee Yun-yop, Incheon Art Platform(Kim Soo-hwan, Lee Soo-young), Im Sang-bin, Chung Ki-hyun, Youths Cultural Community Poom, Cheongju Art Studio(Kim Jong-hee), Choi Kwang-ho, Community Space Litmus, HIVE(Lee Chang-soo), Han Sang-hyeok