Expert Supporting Program 2013

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'Expert Supporting Program' consists of inviting experts in visual art including critics, curators, artists and gallerists, etc. and also those from various fields including sociology and philosophy, etc. to give artists in residence advice and engage them in discussion regarding their work, produce criticism and in the long-term lead the artists to discourses on contemporary art and to the art market.
Begun in the form of a visiting expert program in its trial run in 2011, in 2012 we expanded to publishing online the theories regarding artists or artworks produced in this program. We also began offering two artists in residence selected through a jury process the opportunity to be critiqued by a reputable critic working in the contemporary art field in New York, in collaboration with the International Studio & Cruatorial Program(ISCP), Residency Unlimited(RU), a well-known artis residency in New York. The critique thus produced is simultaneously published on the official web sites of the partner institution and Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon.
Meanwhile, there exists and trend toward greater opportunities for artists in residence to be introduced to and hold exhibitions in the international art community through the curator residency program of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, which was inaugurated in 2012.

August 2013
Kim Sung-won (Professor, Article magazine) - Hyun A Cho
Paek Ji-suk (Director, ATELIER-HERMES) - Lee Chang-hoon
Jang Jung-min (Critic) - Park Cheon-wook
Lee Da-kyum (Five Element Artist) - Andeath
Park Sung-tae  (Director, Junglim Foundation) - Eunu Lee
Park Shin-eui (Professer, Kyunghee University) - Quentin Cornet
Park Chun-ho (Chief curator, Kim Jongyoung Museum) - Nicolas Pelzer
Shon Young-oak (Chief reporter, Kookmin daily news) - Lior Shamriz

May 2013
Suh Jung-im (Senior reporter, Article magazine)
Lee Jun-hee (Senior reporter, Monthly Art magazine)
Kim In-sun (Director, Willing and dealing)
Peik Gi-young (Gyeonggi Foundation, Pre.Manager of Gyeonggi Creation Center)
Koh Won-seok (Curator, Arko Art Center)
Sung Wan-kyung (Artist, Art Critic, Emeritus Professor of Inha University)
+19 3th SASG Artists

April 2013
Lee Sol (Independent Curator) - Jeamin Cha(KR)
Kim Youngik (Pre. Professor, Gachon University) - Geumcheon Mrs.(KR)
Hong Bo-ra (Director, Gallery Factory) - Eunu Lee(KR)
Sung Wan-kyung (Artist, Art Critic, Emeritus Professor of Inha University) - Andeath(KR)
Suh Jinsuk (Director, Gallery Loop) - Lee Changhoon(KR)
Kim Nam-soo (Critic, Senior researcher of National Theater Company of Korea) - Seems like community(KR)

March 2013
Jo Joonggeol (Professor, Art Historian) - Park Cheonwook(KR)
Koh Dong-yeon (Art Critic) - Che, Onejoon(KR)
Lim Geun-jun (Art and Design Critic) - Kwak Eve(KR)
Lee Soo-yeon (Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art) - Cho Hyun A(KR)
Hanseung Ryu (Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art) - KKHH(KR)

Kang Soo-jung (Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art)
Koh Won-seok (Curator, Arko Art Center)
Che Young-oak (Section Chief, Laurence Geoffrey's)
+ 6 SASG International Artists
Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet Sola(Spain), Jan Christensen(Norway), Laura Mergoni(Italy), Marie-Andree Pellerin(Canada), Timothy Citizen(UK), Sonya Lacey & Sarah Rose(New Zealand)

June 2012
Jeon Yong-seok(Artist) - Mixrice(KR)
Kim No-am(Curator, Art Space Hue) - Kim Bo-joong(KR)

May 2012
Moon Young-min(Artist, Critic) - Im Heung-soon(KR)
Shin Hyunjin(Independent Curator) - Okin Collective(KR)
siren eun young jung(Artist) - Michelangelo Pistoletto Band(KR)
Lee Kwang-suk(Professor of Seoul National University of Science and Technology) - Listen to the City(KR)

April 2012
Hong Myung-seop(Professor of Hansung University, Artist) - Adam Thompson(UK)
Julia Marsh(Full time Lecturer of Seoul National University) - James Robert Southard(US)
Kim Hee-young(Professor of Kookmin University, Ph.D. degree in art history) - Les Joynes(US)

March 2012
Hong Sung-min (Professor of Kaywon School of Art & Design) - Jody Wood(US)
Sung Wan-kyung (Emeritus professor of Inha School of Art & Sports) - Quentin Cornet(France)
Oh Se-won (Director of Culture Station Seoul 284) - Gabriel Rico(Mexico)

February 2012
Yang Eun-hee (Independent curator, Ph.D. degree in art history) - Linh Nguyen(Vietnam, Artist in residency)