Asako Sasaki

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Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2011
Genre: Visual Arts

1998 Graduated from Akahori Cooking School, Food coordination course, Tokyo, Japan
1999 Graduated from Hosei University, Japanese literature/BA, Tokyo, Japan
2006 Studied in Vegetable & Fruit Meister Association Japan,Junior Vegetable & Fruit Meister, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Studied in Redbridge College, NVQ Professional Cookery Level3, Essex, UK

2006 Asako’s Bar, Food and Contemporary Arts Part2 − Beauty
       Comes True with Food, Bank ART 1929, Yokohama, Japan
2006-2009 Asako’s Bar, Bank ART Pub, Yokohama, Japan
2007 Restaurant1929 Food and Contemporary Arts Part3
2008 Restaurant Building1929 Food and Contemporary Arts Part4
        Food and Contemporary Arts Part5 − Mini Kitchen, Bank ART 1929, Yokohama, Japan
2011 Junko Maruyama Utopia Totopia Opening Party, Utoku Bldg YONKAI, Yokohama, Japan
       Daikanyama Installation 2011, Awards ceremony(Party), Artfront Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
       Yokohama International Triennale of Contemporary Art 2011,
       <BankART LifeⅢ3 − Shin Minatomura>, Closing Party, Shin Minatomura, Yokohama, Japan
       Reflections of an Outsider on “Outsiders”, Opening Party, Seoul Art Space_Geumchon, Seoul, Korea
2012 ko-to-ko <39 Art Day> Utoku Bldg YONKAI, Yokohama, Japan


I work as food coordinator and writer about the cooking in Japan. My belief is that the cooking and eating are an art. The taste and flavor vary under the different climates, and change with various ingredients. They also are affected by the chef’s conditions and we feel differently depending on with whom we eat. Therefore the food can present a multi-taste installation. I am really curious for how people’s communication changes in eating together when they have a different cultural background and taste. I myself experienced it when I joined in parties during my stay in London. That is why I name my core activities as ‘Conceptual Eat’ and want to install the art works using food as well as have more people taste and enjoy them in the gathering like the reception. That is my lifework.

-Asako Sasaki-