Hanna Hildebrand

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Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2014
Genre: Visual Arts

2009  Meisterschule with Prof. Tobias Rehberger, Staedelschule, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2003/2009  studies in Staedelschule Academy of Fine Arts, Frankfurt am Main, DE
Prices and Grants
2013  Swiss Art Award 2013
2012  Research-grant of Secretary of Foreign Affair of Mexico, 6 months
2009  Atelier-grant of Kunstlerhaus BASIS, Frankfurt am Main, 12 months
        Absolventen Preis of Staedelschule Portikus e.V., Frankfurt am Main 
2008  DAAD Price for the best foreign student at a german academy
Residencies, Workshops
2014  Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, Seoul, South Corea, KR (upcoming)
2013  Residency, Hotel Pro Forma, Copenhagen, DK (in collaboration)
2012  Workshop Visions of the futures and utopian imaginaries of society, held at Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, Albuquerque, USA
2012  Workshop Visiones del futuro e imaginarios utopicos del artista en la sociedad, held at Laboratorio Arte Jorge Martinez, Guadalajara, MX
2008  Residency, PACT Zollverein, Essen, DE (in collaboration)
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012  Caminando, mientras platicabamos, las moscas y las abejas volaban a nuestro alrededor
La Rada spazio per l’arte contemporanea, Locarno, CH
2011  A shop is a shop is a shop is a shop, produced by Carrozzeria Margot, Artissima Lido, Torino, I
2011  Der perfekt nachhaltige Mensch, Junge Kreative zu Gast, HSE, Darmstadt, DE
2011  Displacement Channel, Basis Kunstlerhaus, Frankfurt am Main, DE
Selected Group Exhibitions
2013  Alternative Nomadi, MA*GA Museum, Gallarate, I
        Swiss Art Award 2013, Federal Art Competition, Messe Platz, Basel, CH
        Biennale del Mediterraneo, Bjcem, Ancona, I
2012  Una fine che non finisce di finire, La Rada spazio per l’arte contemporanea, Locarno, CH
        ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness, Albuquerque, USA
2011  Swiss Art Award 2011, Federal Art Competition, Messe Platz, Basel, CH
2010  One day they will be gone, ex-Diamantenboerse, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2009  Dude, where is my career?, PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2008  Frankfurt Good Wood, Gallery Hold&Freight, London, UK
        The great game to come, Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main, DE
        Hotel Marienbad, Collection Rausch, KW, Berlin, DE
2007  Neue Konzepte, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, DE
        Ok. Quoi?! , Struts Gallery, New Brunswick, CA
2005  Academy Remix, Museum Kosova, Pristhina, Kosovo
        Yoko Ono Dream Universe, PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main, DE
Performances, Broadcasted Radio Plays
2014  Riposizionamenti, Roaming, Fabbrica Rosa, Ex Archivio Szeemann, Maggia, CH
2013  COLOC in radio#2 / Saga Asgeirsdottir e Hanna Hildebrand
        Schawawarma, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, DE
2012  Average Buyer 2011, Reading, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, CH
        1234567890, Performanceprogramm Lange Nachte Museen, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2011  Collecting identities: I stay therefore we are produced by Carrozzeria Margot,
in Osloo Floating Danish Pavillion by FOS, 54 Venice Biennale, Venezia, I
2010  TOYs, Plateaux Performance Festival, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2009  Behaving almost normal, Performance Project, Liste Art Fair, Basel, CH
Curatorial activities, Publishing
2013  Babelee, Carrozzeria Margot, Milano, I
      „SRSS: Low-tech models as tools to visualize ideas“ published on Media-N's edition V.09 N.03 ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition
2012  O, Laboratorio Arte Jorge Martinez, Guadalajara, MX
2009  La Ville Spatiale of Yona Friedman, Making worlds, Venice Biennale 2009, Venezia, I
2008  Academic exchange Staedelschule versus Goldsmiths, Frankfurt am Main, London, UK
2007  Plenty of liberties Artist Lounge, Art 38 Basel, Basel, CH


 IF ALL THAT REMAINED OF OUR CENTURY WAS A GARBAGE BAG, Installation, video (HD, 10‘) and mixed media, 2013

CAMINANDO, MIENTRAS PLATICABAMOS, LA MOSCAS Y LAS ABEJAS VOLABAN A NUESTRO ALREDEDOR, Installation, detail of cabinet with collected items, 2012


DISPLACEMENT CHANNEL, Performances at opening day and rooms to be seen during the show, 2011

DISPLACEMENT CHANNEL, Video (HD, 15‘ 50“), outcome of the performance, video-still, 2011 

SRSS, video (11‘), video-still, in collaboration with Paul Wiersbinski, 2010

CLASSIC LOUNGE, performance, film set for "A display with a purpose", 2009

A DISPLAY WITH A PURPOSE, video outcome of the performance "Classic Lounge" (HD, 6‘ 30“), no sound,video-still, 2009

WALL EXERCISE, performative intervention, 2009

Ask Koreans Who Do Not Ask
Seon Seung Hye, Chief Curator(Seoul Museum of Art)

Hanna Hildebrand (Italy) presents a paper in which 135 questions starting with “Why you?” are written, questions to be asked to Korean people. While staying in the Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, she wrote the 135 questions in English and then translated them into Korean. The Korean pronunciation of the translated questions is written with English spelling. Of the 135 questions she will ask Koreans, there are many unexpected ones. She asks about trifling things she discovered in Korea, and to Korean people who do not ask them often, her questions can be strange. They wonder why she is so inquisitive. They can understand what she asks when they listen to her questions asked with her poor Korean pronunciation, realized when paying attention to the questions one by one. Whether the questions are meaningful or not is of no importance. What’s important is the question of why Korean people do not ask such questions more often. Hidebrand’s work in Korea is currently underway. She overdubs the Korean urban scenes she videotaped with her questions uttered in Korean. Dubbing street scenes with an artist’s narration has been done many times before: her attempt to ask questions in Korean, not English, the international language, can be highly appreciated. I praise her will to challenge: three months is ridiculously insufficient to learn Korean. Her attitude is quite contrastive to that of other expats who would not learn Korean despite staying in Korea for many years. Hanna Hildebrand is a young Italian female artist whose world is under construction. As young artists often do, she is a nomadic artist who has lived and worked in many overseas residencies including the Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon where she stayed and worked for three months. Korea is the second Asian country she stayed in, after Japan. If possible, she wants to complete her work again in Korea.