Kim Byung-kyu

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Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2011
Genre: Visual Arts/Installation Arts/ Technology Art

2010 GSAIM(The Graduate School of Advanced Science, Multimedia & Film Chung-Ang University), Imaging Science Department, Seoul, Korea
2002 School of Visual Arts, Photography and Related Media, NewYork, USA
2007 Chung-Ang University, Fine Arts, Ansoung, Korea

Solo Exhibition
2005 Oak’s House, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition
2011 Random Access Black Box, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea
       GIC Biennale 2011, Bandal art Museum, Yeoju, Korea
2008 Hack the City!, Total Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2007 See::Seen, Kum ho Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2006 Transpace, Kim chon gyoung Art Museum, Seoul, Korea


 <Mood Board for Laser>,  laser, dynamic cell, microcontroller, physical computing, variable size, 2011

< Layer Tracer>, microcontroller, PC, projector, interactive video installation, 500 x 500 x 170 cm, 2006

<Total Hacking System>, LRAD, ultra un-directional mic, microcontroller, PC, physical computing, variable, 2008

(This text is an excerpt from what Kim Byung-kyu talked with a fortuneteller named
Mun Jung-eun on June, 2012, who lives in Jamwon-dong.)

Mun Jung-eun(write in ‘M’): Your name is Kim Byung-kyu, and you’re about 42 years old. Is that right?
Kim Byung-kyu(write in ‘K’): I was born in 1970.
M : When it comes to my conception, may I talk about what occurred to me first?
K : Certainly.
M : Well, maybe, I think this is not good time to you. In other words, your fortune is below sea level. However, it does not take too long until you get your luck on hands. Not so distant from now. It may come in the summer or in the autumn, when your fortune turns in your favor. Something will be likely to occur, and there will be some of chances. By the way, do you happen to join any club where you’re supposed to have a regular meeting?
K : Meeting?
M : Wait a minute. Well, again there is no movement at all. Still and calm. So then what would it be? Presumably, it cannot definitely say that any meeting will be expected.
K : As such, you pass through the time. Again, well, there are supposed to be so many festivals, aren’t there? Following winter season, spring comes. Weather gets warmer. Probably, there will come a good time. Surely, there are ups and downs on one’s luck in one’s lifetime. Whenever you ask me of your future, then I listen to your words. Ah! Kim Byungkyu, Byung-kyu, you will get an opportunity to have an exhibition or something in the next year.
K : You’re right. Nowadays, to be more specific, I am involved in laser works or something to work with electricity. I’m devising to build a house by applying laser. And I have the other thing in mind. You know the government office building and other tall ones in front of Gyungbok Palace. Sometimes looking down out there, I used to find it makes up quite beautiful scenery. How lucky are public officers that are free to enjoy such a beauty? How blessed are rich people that live around there? At that time, an idea flashed into my mind. What about if ordinary people were also allowed to appreciate such an image? So, I’m conceiving some project. I don’t know what it would be exactly. I could build kind of an overpass or any others. Anyway, I’m racking my brains. Soon, I’m going to put it into practice. I’m thinking over such three things. In my opinion, they have no specific relations with each other. Sometimes, I feel concern about them. Anyhow, those come from my brain, my heart and my thought. They don’t have to have connections with each other. On the other hand, a string of conception streams into my head. What I’m supposed to do is definitely right or wrong? I’m getting older. Isn’t it right to do what I want to do right now? Can I finish it over a short period? Will doing so be helpful to me in the long run? Like that.
M : First of all, this seems like a festival. A specific event or a certain image reminds me of something. In relation to such, I guess that a good chance will come to you.
K : By the way, it’s good to be busy doing something, but I’m afraid what I’m going to do will satisfy my acquaintances or myself or others.
M : Satisfy?
K : I’m concerned that my work will be able to touch people or give me some sense of fulfillment. Maybe, I’m unsatisfied with myself.
M : Kim Byung-kyu, Kim Byung-kyu. Well, there is a little short of something, not enough. However, although you’re satisfied with your work, there is still short of something. Something is going on and then I guess that you’ll get to make something. Let’s see. Let’s think about what you want to attain your goals to the full. You’re empowered to do so between 40~50% and 80%, or 80% and 100%. I suppose that your fortune has ups and downs. Something does not go well or is not in good order. You may be busy doing something for a specific work, but may always encounter with some of obstacles, including people, money or something else. Although your situation is as such, I suppose you can finally manage to make it. If there is not any omen of good luck at all, your chance will fade away, out of sight. However, there remains some of it. That’s what I guess.
K : Well, then, shall I be acknowledged as artist?
M : Well, in my opinion, you have to strive and to raise your capacity to a certain level. Or otherwise, you have to change your job. Of course, you can change it or not. But, you shall not do so. So, well, Kim Byung-kyu, Kim Byung-kyu. There is a sign of something. In such time,
M : Well, that is, maybe, Kim Byung-Kyu, that does not go well. What this means is that you had a mind to paint a certain color for your work but actually the final result would be way from what you expected.
K : Final result?
M : Yes, well, the color you realized in your output may be of a similar to or the same tone as what you thought. I imagine that the color is not like what you wanted at first.
K : Any other alternative or choice?
M : Well, I don’t know what it is and what to do. So I have doubt about that.
K : Whatever it is, maybe I suspect that I’m stuck to something. Something goes wrong with me. But I think your idea has a persuasive power.
M : So, when the color you imagine is realized in your output, in other words, when what is within you is about to come out, you imagine a vivid color, which in turn becomes dim or faded.
K : You mean my laser work? More specifically, I want my creation to be more conspicuous. But actually, I suppose that it will not have been done as I wanted.
M : That’s right. When you talk about your design in mind, the first thought that occurred to me is that although you want to realize a vivid red color, you will have to get an orange color or something. Like such.
K : Then, finally, I’d like to ask one thing. Shall I have to continue doing this?
M : This?
K : Yea, what I’m doing currently.
M : Well, Kim Byunk-kyu, Byung-kyu, Well, maybe, you might get something else. I don’t know exactly what it gives a lesson or not. Whatever it may be, I guess you earn something from it.
K : Not as artwork but, I, Now,
M : I can hardly imagine what your artwork would be. None of specific word comes to the front. But I guess you probably get something or else. Wherever it comes from,
K : Yes, thank you.