[5th Open Studio, Exhibition'Friendship toward Strangers' and Charity auction-exhibition Seoul art space_Geumcheon]

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[an Essay for the Open Studio]
Friendship toward Strangers
Kim Hee-young, Manager of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
These days, when laughter, singing and the clapping of hands is all but forbidden, eighteen Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon artists in residence and thirty-nine other artists have gathered together under "friendship toward solitary strangers" in this reservation-mixed open studio. Friendship felt toward someone you have never met before, would such a friendship be possible? Where would this friendship be headed?
Artists, people who have determined to live solely for the "realization of themselves", people who are "singlemindedly about themselves." Aside from their egos' sensitive antennas, we pay attention to perceptive sensibilities "responding" to the appeals of the world and others. Some artists reach out to child "strangers," who are confronting life crises caused by chance and misfortune. Endowed with perceptive ears, these artists intend to respond to the world.