Kim Sejin

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      Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
      Stays in: 2014
      Genre : Media art 

2012 MFA in Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL
2005 MA in Film/TV, School of Media, Sogang University
1994 BFA in Oriental Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hoingik University 

2014 <Fluid City> Media Theater I-Gong, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Life Stage>, Commissioned by COMO SK-T Building, Seoul, Korea
2009 <24hr City> Brain factory, Seoul, Korea
2006 <Living on the Edge> Kumho Museum, Seoul
2005 <Ideal Society> Insa Art Space, Seoul
2014 <Arko Archive Project 2_Moving lines>, Arko Art Center, Seoul, S.Korea
2013 <Tomorrow is Now!_New Media Coolection from MMCA>, Gwachon, S.Korea.
2013 <Scenes vs Scenes> Buk Seoul Museum of Art
2013 <The 13th Seoul International New Media Festival_Alternative Cinema>10.16 -25, Seoul, S.Korea
2013 <The Hidden Cost of prosperity>, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK
2013 <PoP Up_Impulsive Structure>, Project Space Hobin of Alpha Tower, Panhyo, S.Korea
2013 Solo Screening of <The Transversal Project>, Curated by Micheal Powell, The Craft Alliance Building in St. Missouri, USA
2013 <New Acquisitions 2012>, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, S.Korea
2013 <London Art Fair 2013-Art Project>, Presented by Hanmi Gallery, Business Design Centre, Islington N1, London 16-20th January
2012 Screening of <The shade of prosperity(TBC)>, Rivington Place of Institution of Visual Arts, London
2011 <Happy window>, Commissioned by Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011>, UK Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
2011 <Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011>, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK
2011 <Time Window>, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Korea
2011 <Welcome to Media Space>, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Cities Methodologies 2011_Urban Migration>, Worburn Research Centre, UCL, London, UK

Residency Program
2013-2014 <Inchon Art Platform-Artist in Residence>, Inchon, S.korea
2007~2008 <Goyang National Art Studio> by National museum of contemporary art_Korea
2007 <Art & Culture Outreach>, Hong Kong
2006 <Taipei Artist Village> Residency Program, Taiwan
2003~2004 <Ssamzie Space> Residency Program, Seoul

2012 <Henry Tonks> Prize by UCL
2011 <Bloomsberg New contemporaries 2011> by Bloomberg & Art Council England
2005 4th <Daum Prize Winner>, by Park Geonhi Art Foundation
2002 <Unesco Prize for The Promotion of The Arts>, by 4th Gwangju Biennale & Unesco Cutural Foundation

 Sleeping Sun I, Variable Channel HD Video, 00:38, 2012 

 Sleeping Sun II, Variable Channel HD Video, 05:26, 2012

 Hana-Set, Hand Drawn Animation HD Video, Looped, 01:01, 2011
 Iceberg, Drawing on Graphic Paper, 2011- 2012
 Night Worker, 2 Channel HD Video, 06:53, 2009 

The things that can happen to me, you or anyone else. here and there. in the past or someday in the future.

Lee Soo Joeng
(curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art)

Kim Se jin(born in 1973) is a representative artist among the image generation using positively and dealing freely with the grammar of a film and also an artist who is expanding the artistic spectrum into various domains such as the photographs, stop-animation made by drawing, and installation works using the scope technique which was the initial technique used in the animation. Since around 2000 when many people paid attention to the image works, they recognized the quality of his works with the unique characteristic which looks like the movie and is different with the movie at the same time.
While in the early works, such as <Commemorative Photograph>(2002) and <About YS, Chae>(2004-2005), he dealt with the characteristic of the Korean society which demands uniformity, in the works which were made during the Taipei's residency, such as <Night Watch>(2006), <Their Sheraton>(2006), he attempted in earnest to observe the different society. <Victorian Park>(2008), <24 hours City>(2009), <Night Worker>(2009) are the 2 channel works which observe the unusual situation around labor happening in the city space. The most interesting point in his works is that his works don't have agitative or accusatory attitude, and rather make the people to focus and rethink on the situations of these societies and the individuals living in them. He left for the U.K. after working in the several residencies in Korea and abroad. That is because he wants to change himself and have the different possibilities and freedom, or look for the broader society where has the different possibilities and rules. Either way, we can say that his travel is an emigration for 'better life'. <Hana Set> is the work which has been made during his stay in U.K. and after drawing by hand, is made into an animation. In the work, we can know that during the residency, the artist avoids the familiar environment and technique and strives to stand at the new starting point. In the solo exhibition held in the Cultural Station 284 after his return from abroad, he expressed the new interest and attempts as a artist. Through sometimes unpleasant experiences got while moving across various countries and cities after the residency in U.K., he buries himself in the different events which appear to be same, or the same events which appear to be different, which was happening around the world. About the happenings which also took place in the past, and perhaps, would happen in the future.