Park Gwangsoo

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Park Gwangsoo (1984)

Works at: Seoul Art Space_GeumCheon
Stays in: 2014, 2015


         2010   MFA_FineArts_Seoul national University of Science and Technology
         2008   BFA_FineArts_Seoul national University of Science and Technology

Solo Exhibition

       2014  Walking in The Dark_ KunstDoc Gallery_ Seoul
       2012  Man on pillow_Insa Art Space of the Arts Council Korea_Seoul
       2011  2001: A SPACE COLONY_Galleryb'ONE_Seoul

Group Exhibition
         2015  Walking Inner_Scape_artspace o_Seoul
                  Paintings-all the windows to the world_ BLUME MUSEUM_Paju
    The universe is largely empey_Vanziha_Seoul
             Persona_Gallery Grimson_Seoul

      2014  Walker of night_NowHERE_Seoul
         Walking, discovery of rhythm_AK Gallery_Suwon
    Today’s Salon_Common Center_Seoul
                  Arko Archive Project 1:New Archive Materials_Arko Art Center Archive_ Seoul

         2013 Final Report by 2013 Resident Artists of Incheon Art Platform_INCHEON ART 
                 Mind Cloud_Sungkok_Art Museum_Seoul
                 Off and Free Film Festival(OAF in Focus)_Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul
                 I=EYE – KIMI ART 10th anniversary_KIMI ART_Seoul
        2012  International Expo_wumin art center_Cheongju
                 Occupation_ Cheongju Art Studio _ Cheongju

        2010  Um?_Gallery2_Seoul     
                 Misunderstanding forward Understanding_Songwon Art Center_Seoul
                 1+1_GYM project_Seoul
        2009  Gwanghwamun, sangsang_Gwanggallery_Seoul
                 Dimension variable 2_Boda gallery_Seoul
                 Dimension variable 1_Topohaus_Seoul
         2008  Cineforum 4_Museum of art Seoul National University_Seoul
                  Come together_The Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts_china
                  An idiot with a video camera vol.1_gallery andante_Seoul

collaboration project
2013    roundabout Novel Project 03 Ahn Sung-kee – (Hole) writing a novel
2012 Square Square - Hong Seung-Hye Solo Exhibition (artworks collaboration)_ ATELIER•HERMES _Seoul

Residency program
2015 Seoul art space-Geumcheon 7th artist_Seoul
2014 Seoul art space-Geumcheon 6th artist_Seoul
2013 Incheon Art Platform Resident 4th artist _Incheon
2012 Cheongju Art Studio 6th artist_ Cheongju

2015 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_Art Support Program
2014 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_Art Support Program
2013 Off and Free Film Festival_OAF IN FOCUS
        Arko Art Center_Media-Archive


 Man on Pillow _2012
 Walking in The Dark_2014
숲에서 사라진 남자_42cmx29.7cm_종이에 잉크_2014
 안개의 정원_150x131cm_종이에 아크릴_2014
 어둠 속에서 걷기_반복재생_드로잉애니메이션_2014
검은 숲속과 좀 더 흐린 숲속_각100x70cm_종이에 아크릴_2014