Blikman and Dijksma

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Eika Blikman 2002   Bachelor of Fine Arts, AKI Art Academy of Art and Design, Enschede, the Netherlands
2002   Master Applied Communication science, University Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

Selected Exhibition2011   re.surface, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, Seoul, Korea
2010   New neighbors, Historical Museum Rotterdam, the Netherlands
         Doortekening, the GKf-festival in FOAM (museum of photography Amsterdam),
         the Netherlands
         Participant in PAPA Platform from artist Lino Hellings, the Netherlands
         Chinese Stew research, Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory, the Netherlands
2007   Virtual Children’s Home, Kyunghee University Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Award2008   Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture grant

Publication2010   Photo book New neighbors published by Post Editions, the Netherlands

Residency2011   Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON 2nd-term residency artist, Seoul, Korea
2007   Artist in residence, Het Vijfde Seizoen, the Netherlands

Mai Marie Choon Dijksma
2008   Rietveld academy, Amsterdam Textile design
2003   Artez art academy, Arnhem Fine art

Selected Group Exhibition 2011   Light event, park Schiedam the Netherlands, Installation: The whale inside you
         The Sociological Imagination of the City, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, Seoul, Korea
2010   gallery Dynamo-expo, Enschede the Netherlands, Installation: Flexure
2009   gallery Tettem2, Enschede the Netherlands Installation: Bed
2006    gallery de Moutfabriek, Wageningen the Netherlands, Installation: Air, Instalation: Corridor

Award2005   Start stipend, Government Utrecht Project grant
         Starters stipend,BKVB(Fund for Visual art and Architecture),Amsterdam,
         living stipend
Theatre project:
2003   till now several theatre projects costume designer, set designer

Residency2011   Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON 2nd-term residency artist, Seoul, Korea

My personal history has a strong influence on her photo, video and intervention work. In her attempt to understand home, that means the individual desire to feel at home, she plays with frame work and perspective.

Transformations - and (unexpected) encounters with - others, are a source of inspiration. I am interested in new thoughts and ideas that arise when people enter into a dialogue.

Latest works are New Neighbours (2007-2010), made in community art connection for the Historical Museum of Rotterdam. Completed in the same year the presentation Doortekening in Photo Museum Amsterdam (FOAM).

_ Erika Blikman

I am interested in how people experience their every day world. By using the concepts of time and space, I want to explore this environment. This is not a scientific approach; I am using my own personal experiences. I create art that exists between the 2 and 3 dimensional: a drawing or pattern in free space. I use knitting and textile techniques to create my work. To me the apparent contrast of making a ‘flat’ drawing in a 3D space equals the concept of time and space. The tangible shapes are spatial installations made for their specific place and when the exposition has ended it disappears. You can only experience it on that moment in time.

_ Mai Marie Djiksma