Kimchi and Chips

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Elliot Woods

MPhys Physics, University of Manchester

Mimi Son

Interaction Design, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

MA in Design for Interactive Media, Middlesex University London

Exhibitions/ Festivals

Lunar Surface, The Incinerator, Bucheon Foundation of Art
Light Barrier, STRP Biennale, Eindhoven Netherlands
483 Lines, Jeju Museum of Art 
Line Segments Space, Link, Site Whanki Wave, Whanki Museum, Seoul 
Light Barrier, Da Vinci Creative 2014, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul
Light Barrier, SIGNAL Festival, Prague
Line Segments Space(Molecular Cloud), Scopitone Festival, Nantes
Light Barrier, New Media Night, Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, Russia
Lunar Surface, Open Studio_Friendship toward Strangers, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul
Line Segments Space, Resonate, Belgrade

Lit Tree, Open Creativity Open World, COEX, Seoul
Line Segments Space, Da Vinci Idea, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon 
Lit Tree, Lux Light Festival, Wellington

Assembly, Water Museum, Busan 
A Journey, Dublin, Hack the City, Science Gallery, Dublin

Lit Tree, SIGGRAPH Asia, Hong Kong 
Link, TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede
Lit Tree, The Creators Project, Seoul
Link, File Festival, Sao Paulo
Link, Athens Video Art Festival, Athens
Lit Tree, Future Everything, Manchester 

Link, Design Korea 2010, Seoul
A Journey, Seoul, Bains Numeriques #5, d'Enghien-les-Bains
A Journey, London, Bains Numeriques #5, d'Enghien-les-Bains
A Journey, London, FutureEverything, Manchester


PRIX Ars Electronica, Hybrid Art Honorary Mentioned 2015
Winner of Special Media Art at the Media Architecture Biennals 2014
18th Japan Media Art Festival Awards Art Division July Selection

Resonate Festival
Keynote talk, Museums and the Web, Chicago 
EyeO Festival, Minneapolis
Culture Shift Russia, Russia
Resonate, Belgrade
Distortion Field Conference, Seoul 

INST-INT, Minneapolis
SADI, Seoul
Lux Symposium, Wellington
Korea Design Center, Kyeonggi-do
Todai University, Tokyo
Media Art Conference, Seoul
TEDx University of Manchester, Manchester
NODE 13, Frankfurt
Culture Shift Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Figment Productions, Guildford
Lux Light Festival, Oslo 

Korea Design Center, Seoul
Omni University, Manchester
Rhizomatics, Tokyo
Social Media Cafe, Manchester
Art&&Code, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

NODE 10, Frankfurt

 Assembly 2012

 Light Barrier 2nd Edition 2015

 Line Segments Space 2013

Lunar Surface, The Incinerator 2015

The ‘in-between’ reality!
Choi Doo Eun, Independent Curator

Kimchi and Chips, a Seoul-based art studio founded by Elliot Woods and Mimi Son, is where they pay attention to ‘interstices’. An ‘interstice’ is the point where imagination is initiated with a passageway to a new reality they have pictured. This interstice also expands to diverse lights and sounds conjoined with artistic digital technology. In their early series <A Journey> they documented and stored their memories or viewers’ memories of space – London, Seoul, Dublin, etc. - in a box with light to revive such past memories vividly in the present. Afterwards, in <Line Segment Space, Assembly>, and <LIT Tree>, they constructed another reality and created spaces between reality and illusion by lending imaginary light to everyday physical objects such as thread and acrylic blocks and natural objects like trees actively using projection mapping technology. In recent pieces, such as <Lunar Surface> and <Light Barrier>, they make use of light to chase temporal memories space bears or visualize present time. In their early works light was somewhat referentially used to breathe life to narratives whereas it is more primitive and performative in their recent projects. They lead viewers to see the source of all confronting factors through their interstices, seeking each element’s autonomic ability. Contrasting spatial elements, such as the visible and the invisible, dark and bright, here and there, closing and opening and temporal elements, such as quickness and slowness, movement and rest, past, present and future ‘naturally’ become one in the new reality these elements form.