Sangwoo Kang

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Sangwoo Kang   


2009 MFA Fine Art department, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2004 BFA Hongik University College of Fine Arts, South Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 Starchild & Mongsiltongtong, Space Mom Museum, Choungju
2014 Tori Janggun : piece in the 21st century, Geonggi Creation Center, Ansan
2013 Shout at the Wall', Corner Art Space, Seoul
2013 Child Psychology in Pictures, Geonggi Museum Project Gallery, Ansan
2011 Dark Soonpoong, Geonggi Creation Center, Ansan
2010 Things You Dont Care But I Do, OCI Museum, Seoul
2008 'Sangwoo Kang', Galerie Diana Stigter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Seledted Group Exhibitiobs& Projects

2016 Mobile Media Theater 60sec Art, Sabina Museum, Seoul
2013 From I to I, EXCO, Daegu
2012 Language without Word, Space Mom Museum, Choungju
2012 Slow Art, Han Gallery, Paju
2011 City-Net Asia', Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2011 Oriental Evil in the City, members show, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul

Residency and Awards

2015 OCI Museum Residency