Seokyong Kang

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Seokyong Kang


2012  Royal College of Art, M.A in Painting, London, UK
2002  Ewha Womans University, M.F.A in Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea 
2000  Ewha Womans University, B.F.A in Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea   

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015  <Foot and Moon 月亮之足>, Pearl Lam Galleries Soho, Hong Kong
2015  <Foot and Moon>, Audiovisualpavilion, Seoul, Korea
2013  <Polite Owl in the Valley >, Gallery Factory, Seoul, Korea 
2013  <GRANDMOTHER TOWER>, Old house, Space Can, Seoul, Korea  /    etc

Seledted Group Exhibitiobs & Projects

2016   <As the Moon Waxes and Wanes>, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2016   <Grouope Mobile>, Villa Vassilieff, Paris, France
2015   <Crossing Plane>, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2015   <Sphères 8>, Galleria Continua,Les Moulins, France
2015   <Creative and empathist>, Arario Museum topdong bike-shop,              Jeju,Korea 
2015   < Klingsor's Last Summer>, Hite Collection, Seoul, Korea
2015   <Eye Zone>, Art and Science Museum, Singapore
2015   <Looking Out / Looking In>, Art Stage Singapore Special                  Exhibition, Singapore
2014   <Multi-Painting>, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2014   <Band of Feeling>, Naji Gallery, Nanji Artist Studio, Seoul,            Korea 
2014   <Todays Salon>, Common Center, Seoul, Korea
2013   <Songeun Art Award>, Songeun Art Space, Seoul, Korea 
2014   <New scene #2>, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Residency and Awards

2014   Nanji Artist Residency 8th  (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
2012   Triangle Artist Workshop  (NY, USA)
2005   Changdong Artist Studio Residency Program (National Museum of            Contemporary Art,Seoul,Korea)

2012 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, UK
2013 13th Songeun Art Award, KOREA