Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez

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karla@zoomwooz.com / andres@zoomwooz.com

2016     Projekt Alay (in preparation)           

            6º below nothing. Interactive installation (in development)
            :roundabout. Object Installation (in development).
2015     2062. Cinematic Live Theatre Performance.
2014     Lover. Puppet Theatre Piece.
2013     zoomwooz. live-cinema performance.
2012     zoomwooz multimedia installation.
2010     Live From the Surface of the Moon. Live Animation.

Selected Exhibitions
2016     [:roundabout] 
            Soulangh Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan 
            Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013     [zoomwooz] 
            Alhondiga Bilbao, Spain
            mindpirates, Berlin, Germany
            Gallery Offlimits, Madrid, Spain
            Daïmôn, Ottawa, Canada

Selected Performances
2016     [zoomwooz] 
            Cyprus international Film Days
            International Shadow Theatre Festival, Taubate, Brazil
2015     [2062] 
            Huesca International Dance and Theatre Fair, Huesca, Spain
            Festival de Teatro Alternativo, Urones, Spain
            Festival Apart, Katowice, Poland
            Figurentheater Festival Fürth, Nürnberg, Erlangen. Germany (Premiere)
            Festival Alt, Vigo, Spain (Pre-Premiere)
            Daidogei, Shizuoka, Japan
            Festival International des Teatres de Marionnettes, Charleville, France

            Oulu Theatre Festival for Young Audiences, Oulun kaupunki, Finland
2014     [zoomwooz] 
            Animateka, Ljubljana, Slovenia   
            Animanima Cacak, Serbia
            Exploredance Festival Bucarest, Romania
            Animae Caribe Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
            TACT/FEST, Osaka, Japan
            SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival), South Korea
            Futureeverything, ManchesterUK            
            Kunsthaus Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Germany            

            Festival Escena Abierta, Burgos
            Animac Animation Film Festival, Lleida, Spain
            TAC Valladolid, Spain
2013     [zoomwooz] 
            Dferia, San Sebastian Spain.  
            Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal, Canada.
            [zoomwooz] Festival de Artes en Movimiento (FAM), Tenerife, Spain
2012     [Live from the surface of the Moon]
            Goethe Zentrum, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
            ICBA, Cochabamba, Bolivia
            mARTadero, Cochabamba, Bolivia
2011     [Live from the surface of the Moon]
            Alhondiga Bilbao, Spain
            Niu, Espai Artístic, Barcelona, Spain
            Dok Fest Kassel, Germany
            lab30, Augsburg, Germany
            Hafen 2, Offenbach, Germany
            E-Werk Erlangen, Germany

Residencies and Awards
2017     Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, South Korea 
2016     Eima Creació, Mallorca, Spain
            Tainan Cultural Foundation, Tainan, Taiwan
            Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
            Schloss Bröllin, Germany
2015     Art in Nature, Busan, South Korea
            Borgo Ensemble, Nürnberg, Germany
            Festival Alt & Casa das Artes, Vigo, Spain
2014     Joao Garcia Miguel Company, Torres Vedras, Portugal
            Seoul Art Space Hongeun, South Korea
2013     Can Felipa, Barcelona, Spain
            Gallery Offlimits, Madrid, Spain
2012     Incheon Art Platform, Seoul, South Korea.
            Mediaestruch, Sabadell, Spain
            mARTadero, Cochabamba, Bolivia
2010     Experimentem amb l’Art, Barcelona, España.
2010     le Lieu Noir, Sète, France.
2009     Fabra i Coats, Barcelona, España. 
2008     House of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.   

Lectures, Workshops, etc.
2016     Animation Workshop . Cyprus International FIlm Days. Limassol, Cyprus
2014     Body and Animation. Bucharest, Romania
            Animation and Live Video Workshop. Tribowl, South Korea.
2013     Animation and Live Video Workshop. Incheon Art Platform, South Korea.
            Stop-motion and cardboard models Workshop. Tribowl, South Korea.
            Stop-motion and cardboard models Workshop. Torres Vedra, Portugal.
2012     Live Video and Music. My Favourite Things. Brussels, Belgium.
            Workshop Live video and real-time animation. mArtadero, Bolivia.
            Dramaturgic tools for artists. Fundación Patiño, Cochabamba,Bolivia.
2011     Workshop Tenerife Dance Lab. Discursive tools for the movement arts
            International Master for Stage Directors at Middlesex University - RESAD                      

            Madrid: Technology and mise en scene.
Selected Publications & Press
2016     Review in Liberty Times, Taiwan
            Review in United Daily News 聯合報, Taiwan
2015     Review in Libération newspaper, France
            Review in Kaleva newspaper, Finland
            Interview with Nürnberger Nachrichten, Germany
            Interview with Cadena SER (Radio), Spain
            Interview with Onda Zero (Radio), Spain 
2013     Interview with Convergence Magazine, Montreal, Canada
            Review in Gara Newspaper, San Sebastian, Spain
            Review in MAGAZYN MONDAINE, Katowice, Poland
            Review in Abendzeitung, Munich, Germany
            Review in  Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany

We are interested in the present, the now and there within society, the place we occupy in it as individuals.

Regarding narrative and aesthetic aspects, we lose ourselves and find us again at frontiers, many times we work outside the box, outside classifications, resulting in a multidisciplinary work, distant from usual genres.

We like the multidisciplinary. It defines us. We work from various artistic disciplines, using very different techniques in each new project, always related with the investigation we are undertaking. That's why we like and need to be surrounded by collaborators from different artistic and non-artistic disciplines, to contribute with their different points of view, that enrich the creative work. This multidisciplinary exchange makes us reconsider our work from very different perspectives, that many times are surprisingly unimaginable for us.

One day we met accidentally, a stage director, bored of established cliches and a video-artist, tired of the fake real-time/liveness. An illustrator and a light designer that enjoy generating sonic worlds. Both concerned with the immediate, and the social. Each investigating in different ways how to reach the audience, how to touch their hears and make them think. Thrilled by the sites-specific aspects, land art, video art, site responsive and context specific, augmented reality, sensors, soundscapes... and low-tec...

Passionate about the world we live in, though we often quarrel with it, we are just creating out third jioint project. It couldn't be in another way.

2062 - Cinematic Theatre. Performance view at FETAL. Spain.

zoomwooz - Live Cinema. Performance view at Cyprus FIlm Days. Cyrpus.

zoomwooz. Performance view at Feria Donostia. Spain.

6º below nothing - interactive installation. Installation view at Schloß Bröllin. Germany.

zoomwooz. Performance view at Feria Donostia. Spain

6º below nothing Installation view at Schloß Bröllin. Germany.

2062 - Cinematic Theatre. Installation view at Borgo. Germany.

2062 - Cinematic Theatre. Installation view at Borgo. Germany.

6º below nothing Installation view at Schloß Bröllin. Germany.