Joaquin Segura

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2016     Such a War as is of Every Man Against Every Man. La Ene. Buenos Aires,

2016     W
hereof One Cannot Speak, Thereof One Must Be Silent. Alkovi/Ingredients.

             Helsinki, Finland.          
2015     The Tradition of All Dead Generations. Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Mexico City,

2014     State of Exception. Espacio Mínimo. Madrid, Spain.
2013     A Glimpse of all Things Gone Wrong. Kostka Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic.
2012     A Brief History of Breakdown. Yautepec Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.
2011     Poetics of Dishonor. Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros. Mexico City, Mexico.

2017     Old Glory. Mulherin New York. New York, NY. USA.
2017     La Nausea. Museo de Arte de Zapopan. Guadalajara, Mexico.
2016     Shut Up and Paint | NGV Collection. National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne, 

2016     Acts of Sedition. White Box. New York, NY. USA.
2016     Resonancias desde el Jardín de las delicias. Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. Mexico

             City, Mexico.
2016     A Certain Urge (Towards Turmoil). EFA Project Space. New York, NY. USA.
2016     Punk Povera. WUHO. Los Angeles, CA. USA.
2015     Now? NOW! / Biennial of the Americas 2015. Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

             Denver, CO. USA.
2015     There Is Only One Catch And That Is Catch 22.  Y Gallery. New York, NY. USA.
2015     Paisatges: L’estigma d’allò social.  Palmadotze. Barcelona, Spain.
2015     Beyond The Tropics.  Università IUAV di Venezia / Palazzo Ca’ Tron. Venice, Italy.
2015     Motley Mexico. De Balie. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2014     Micro-acciones de emergencia #2.  ADN Platform. Barcelona, Spain.
2014     IX Bienal Nicaragüense de Artes Visuales. Fundacion Ortiz-Gurdian. Managua,

2014     The Lady with the X-ray Eyes. Varna City Art Gallery. Varna, Bulgaria.
2014     Les Rencontres Internationales in Berlin. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Berlin,

2014     Èdra: Connecting Landscapes. Istituto Polacco di Roma / Ambasciata del Messicio.

             Rome, Italy.
2013     Mexico: Inside Out.  Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Fort Worth, TX. USA.
2013     South of the Border. Anthology Film Archives. New York, NY. USA.
2013     The Name, The Nose. Museolaboratorio | Ex Manifattura Tabacchi. Città

             Sant’Angelo, Pescara. Italy.   
2012     XV Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo. Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo. Mexico

             City, Mexico.
2012     Crisis Complex. Tin Sheds Gallery. Sydney, Australia.
2012     Wherever you roam. MoLAA. Long Beach, CA.  USA.
2012     Celebrity Skin. White Box Contemporary. San Diego, CA. USA.       
2012     Still Lifes: Invitation to a beheading. Diablo Rosso. Panama City.

2011     How to philosophize with a hammer. White Box. New York, NY. USA.
2011     Alarma! Death be Kind. Melbourne, Australia.
2011     Everything must go. Casey Kaplan Gallery. New York, NY. USA.
2011     Cosmopolis. Pristine Galerie. Monterrey, Mexico.
2011     Endism. 24hrArt | Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art. Darwin, Australia.
2010     The road to hell is paved... Las Cienegas Projects. Los Angeles, CA. USA.
2010     Efecto Drácula. Museo Universitario del Chopo. Mexico City, Mexico.
2010     Chewbacca to Zapata: Revisiting the myth of the Mexican Revolution. Morono

             Kiang Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. USA.
2010     Crossing Boundaries|Qui Vive? II Moscow Biennale for Young Art. Winzavod Centre

             for Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia.
2010     Carry on or Stow away. Gambia Castle. Auckland, New Zealand.
2010     Omega. Margaret Lawrence Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.
2010     Bad Moon Rising 5. UKS. Oslo, Norway.

2017     International Artist in Residence. Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon. Seoul, South

2015     Artist-in-Residence Program. Casa Wabi. Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
2013     FONCA/CONACYT International Artistic Residency Program.  Meet Factory.

             Prague, Czech Republic.
2013     EMARE European Media Artists in Residency Exchange. Impakt Foundation.

             Utrecht, Netherlands.
2012     International Artist-in-Residence Program | ADM.  Hangar. Barcelona, Spain.
2009     International Artist in Residence | Fundacion/Coleccion Jumex. 18th Street Arts

             Center. Santa Monica, CA. USA.
2008     ISCP/ FONCA International Artistic Residency Program. International Studio and

             Curatorial Program. New York, NY. USA.
2006     Production Grant Program | Fundacion/Coleccion Jumex. Project in collaboration

             with Outpost for Contemporary Art. 

             • National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne, Australia.
             • Pinacoteca de Nuevo Leon. Monterrey, Mexico.

2016 - Ongoing      SOMA Mexico. Academic Board. Mexico City, Mexico.
2009 - Ongoing      SOMA Mexico. Founding member | Artist Board. Mexico City, Mexico.
                             Artist Pension Trust. Mexico City. Trust Artist. Mexico City, Mexico.

Joaquín Segura‘s practice meditates on the phenomenology of violence, sociopolitical microclimates, asymmetrical history and the current role of ideology. Major concerns addressed in recent projects revolve around the nature of power, identity in an age of particular instability and the ontological significance of dissent and failure, here and now.

One of the most prominent Mexican artists of his generation, his work has been shown in Mexico and internationally since the early 2000s. It has been widely reviewed and featured on major art publications & newspapers such as Flash Art, Adbusters, Art Papers, Codigo, Art Nexus, Artillery, Discipline, Celeste & The Washington Post, among many others. In 2008/09, Segura was an artist-in-residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, NY and at the 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA. Between 2012 and 2017, he undertook artistic residencies and research stays at Hangar –Centre de Producció i Recerca d‘Arts Visuals (Barcelona, Spain), MeetFactory – International Center of Contemporary Art (Prague, Czech Republic), Impakt Foundation (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Casa Wabi (Oaxaca, Mexico). He’s a founding member and board advisor of SOMA, Mexico City.

Installation View

Ideological Clearance (Mao), 2016, Ideological Clearance (Lenin), 2016, Ideological Clearance (Marx), 2016From the series Ideological Clearances, 2016-ongoing, Haute-Lisse hand woven tapestries, 300 x 215 cm, 300 x 228 cm, 300 x 250 cm

Hand woven renditions of intervened propaganda material from the Soviet era obtained from diverse sources. The original material was partially intervened with discount price tags by the artist, while keeping the stickers and handwriting already present at the time of purchase.

The Tradition of All Dead Generations, 2015, Found objects and recovered marble fragments, 20 x 17 x 20 cm

Four Philosophical Thesis, 2015, Oil on canvas, 170 x 109 cm

Photorealist rendering of the cover page of a vintage copy of Mao Tse-Tung’s Four Philosophical Thesis.

Essays on Reconstruction (Jose Marti), 2014, 3-channel HD video, 9’ 29”

Site-specific project developed in El Pantanal, an under-developed settlement in process of regularization, located in the outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua. It consisted in the full reconstruction of an architectural element, formerly in ruins, placed in the middle of this former swamp area. Although its real origin remains unclear, it apparently constituted the remains of a monument erected for Jose Marti after the fall of the Somoza dictatorship. The reconstruction process was executed with active participation of the local community.

Notes on Mexico, 2014, Recovered rock from urban riot and paper, 15 x 20 x 16 cm

Mixed media sculpture composed by an unbinded copy of Notes on Mexico (1822), by J.R. Poinsett, polemic American politician that served as the first diplomatic minister of the US in Mexico until his departure from Mexican territory in 1830, and a rock collected in an urban riot scenario in Mexico City during the late 2013 recurrent civilian protests.

Material Study on Revolt #1, 2014, Pigment prints, 70 x 47 cm/ea.

Photographic polyptych portraying diverse materials used as projectiles by civilians in urban riots mainly associated with political instability, collected in disturbance scenarios in Mexico City throughout the recurrent protests of 2013.

G8, 2013, Synthetic fabric & wood, 480 x 240 x 300 cm

Sculptural installation composed by the remains of charred flags. The selection of the countries alluded correspond to the nations that constitute the Group of Eight, an international forum that brings together the governments of the world’s largest national economies.

Porque tenemos la luz, la razon y la fuerza del pueblo unidos venceremos, 2012

from the series Exercises on Selective Mutism, 2012 - ongoing. Handmade protest banner & latex paint, Dimensions variable
Ongoing collection of banners recovered on-site in various protest sites and political rallies in Mexico City. These are then erased by the application of white paint over the messages, completely nullifying its content.

Untitled (Das Kapital), 2012Untitled (Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse Tung), 2012
Untitled (The Unabomber Manifesto), 2012

from the series The Definitive Reader for a Botched Revolution, 2011- ongoing
Pigment prints, 150 x 112 cm/ea
Photographic series based on a selection process of publications, declassified documents or random texts with subversive content, related to diverse radical groups & individuals, ideological movements or totalitarian regimes. These literary materials are easily accessible to the common citizen.

Homemade (Napalm#1), 2010, from the series Homemade, 2010 - ongoing, Pigment print, 150 x 75 cm

Series of photographic works portraying common household items used in the preparation of various homemade incendiary agents and explosives used by an assortment of radical groups from different countries and contexts.