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2012 Hongik University College of Fine Arts, Engraving Print, Seoul, South Korea 
2015-2016 Adjusted Projection Structure, Seoul,South Korea
2014 House of Dispersed Layers, Free Home Project, Seoul,South Korea
2011 Free Home Project, Free Home, Seoul,South Korea
2016 December, Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, South Korea 
2015 d0cuments, Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul, South Korea 
2015 GOODS, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, South Korea
2015 Festival 284, Crazy Square, Culture Station 284, Seoul, South Korea 
2015 New Skin: Modeling and Attaching, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
2015 Dungeons,  CC101, 413 space, open circuit, Seoul, South Korea 
2015 Intro, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea
2014 Gwangju Biennale 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition:Sweet Dew, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju,South Korea
2016 West Warehouse, Hell Bovine and Pony (Kim Woong-Hyun Solo Exhibition)_The Great Chap Book (Nohsangho Solo Exhibition)_Every Work was the beginning of a lie (Planning by Park Daha), South Korea 
2016 aciba vision, 20th Century Expo boy, (Kim Woong-Hyun Solo Exhbition), South Korea
2015 Opera Coast, 4th Video Relay (TAANSAN Kang Jung-suck)_Miyeonci (Nosangho Sagwahae)_ Watermark (Kim Shin Jae)_Obelisk and Pie(Park Aram)_9999in1 (Dasan Soft) Recital <_____(cover)_
(Son Jooyoung)_ Pink Business ( Pink Business)_ Joryu (Park Daham),
South korea
2014 Verythings Resort _ Verythings, Open Garden, Seoul, South Korea
2014 Finding Lost Seol-ee _ Hyemin Park, Seogyo Center, Seoul,
South Korea

2014 Merchen Box-Daily Fiction _ Sangho Noh, Garage, Seoul,South Korea
2014 Leuuuco _ Nam Hyun, Garage, Seoul, South Korea
2014 INstadio movement X Zorba _ INstadio movement, Zorba , The House 
(House of Dispersed Layers),South  Seoul,South Korea

2014 Screening Event of Gay Gonjo _ Park Jung-Young, The House, (House of Dispersed Layers) Seoul,South Korea
2014 Hyukoh _ Oh Hyuk, The House (House of Dispersed Layers) , Seoul,South Korea
2014 Nomadic House _ Nomadic Drift, The House (House of Dispersed Layers), Seoul,South Korea
2014 OBELISK and PIE _ Rahm Parc, The House (House of Dispersed Layers), Seoul,South South Korea
2014 Gong-gan (space) N1, South Korea
2014 Incognizable Sound _ KIM Yoo-Sin, Free Home Project, Seoul,South  Korea
2013 Old Books:Opening Ceremony by Gay Gonjo, Gay Gonjo, Free Home Project, Seoul,South Korea
2012 Make Marchen _ NOH Sang-Ho, Free Home Project, Seoul,South Korea
2012 Being the gallery _ JI Young-Jun, Free Home Project, Seoul, South Korea
2012 Solo Exhibition BAEK Kyung-Ho : Lounge Red Mountain, Gonggan N1, Seoul, South Korea
2011 FREE HOME PROJECT _ KIM Dong-Hee, Free Home Project, Seoul,South Korea

2015 MMCA Goyang Residency, Goyang,South Korea

West Warehouse
 Nohsangho Solo Exhibition, South Korea, 2016

2015 GOODS
2015 GOODS, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, South Korea

Opera Cost
 Sindorim Station Outdoor Stage, South Korea, 2015

(The House of Dispersed Layers)_The House
5 team performance,
variable installation, South Korea, 2014

Freehome Project
 Variable Installation, South Korea, 2011-2014