Greeting Message

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In the city of Seoul full of every citizen's colorful life, 'Seoul Art Space' bursts into blossom.
Seoul Art Space has been implemented as a part of the overarching policy of culturenomics which is the Seoul's core strategy for achieving competitiveness as a creative and cultural city.
Grassroots in nature and smaller in scale, Seoul Art Space has taken their roots in different places of Seoul and aims to reach out to more people to make small but significant differences in their everyday lives.
Seoul Art Space brings art to the citizens and to the city, thereby promoting open communication among different artists and different genres of art as well as with the people in the community by eliciting their participation in various arts programs.
In addition, Seoul Art Space delivers the mission of bringing art, people, and the city together by ensuring that the people in the local community have opportunity to access to all information on the art programs and creative activities taken place in each Art Space via the official website.
Seoul Art Space is open to everyone online and offline. Come and gain first hand experience of the arts and cultural activities, which would contribute to a cohesive and engaged communities.