Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

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∎ Introduction
Seoul Art Space Geumcheon
A global art space of creativity and an international residence for multi-art projects

Remodeled from an old printing house, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is an idea factory aiming at an international artists residency and collaborative project studios to facilitate global and local aesthetic encounters.
With 19 resident studios, 5 hostel rooms, 1 co-work space and 1 rehearsal room for the members of the community, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon can host artists from a wide range fields including visual arts, installation art/media arts, performing arts/experiment arts, and critical theory from 6 months to 1 year.
The Idea Factory offers a space for artistic activities and an International Exchange Program to artists, while offering art workshop programs for the local members of the community. By implementing the global-local approach Seoul Art Space Geumcheon will grow into an international art space.  
Mission - To become not only a global art space but also an local cultural hub having initiative for new and innovative arts
Vision - A Korea's representative art space of visual arts through the global-local approach
∎ Strategies and operations
To breed artists and regenerate a city by supporting artists' activities related to citizens' life.
- To support and breed artists: Provides opportunities of international exchanges for artists who achieve global aesthetics
- To bring arts and people together: Operates International Artist Residency program for artists who achieve artistic plans related to citizens' life
- To regenerate a city: Becomes a new creative space in the region of Geumcheon-gu whose cultural infrastructure is weak
∎ Programs
· Open Studio - Invites the general public into the open studio in order to show them the work; resident artists will give a presentation on 1-year performance, thereby promoting their work directly to the local people.

· International Exchange Program - Operates the exchange program of artists with the international studios in New York, Yokohama, Barcelona and Amsterdam, which signed an MOU with Seoul Art Space Geumcheon.

· Creative Arts Programs based on Technology - Discovers innovative and creative ideas from both experts and amateurs and offers not only financial support but also networking opportunities with the local industrial companies.

· Art Programs for the Public - Provides the public with more opportunities to experience arts and culture through workshop programs by artists

· Community Art Programs - Let the public think and study on local agenda with artists through artistic activities

· International Symposiums - Introduces and discusses global issues on arts and culture
∎ History
1978 Establishment of the telephone-coil factory
1991 Establishment of the Jouni printing factory
Apr. 2008 Announcement of the master plan for 'Creative, Cultural City'
June 2008 Purchasing of the property of the Jouni printing factory
Dec. 2008~Aug. 2009 Remodeling of Seoul Art Space Guemcheon
Aug. 2009 Remodeling of Seoul Art Space Guemcheon completed
Sep. 2009 Moving in of selected artists for the Artists Residency Program 2009
Oct. 7, 2009 Opening of Seoul Art Space Guemcheon, an idea factory
Sep. 2010 Moving in of selected artists for the Artists Residency Program 2010