Mai-Marie Dijksma

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Born in Seoul, 1980
Visual artist

2008   Rietveld academy, Amsterdam Textile design
2003   Artez art academy, Arnhem Fine art

Selected Group Exhibition 2011   Light event, park Schiedam the Netherlands, Installation: The whale inside you
         The Sociological Imagination of the City, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON, Seoul, Korea
2010   gallery Dynamo-expo, Enschede the Netherlands, Installation: Flexure
2009   gallery Tettem2, Enschede the Netherlands Installation: Bed
2006    gallery de Moutfabriek, Wageningen the Netherlands, Installation: Air, Instalation: Corridor

Award2005   Start stipend, Government Utrecht Project grant
         Starters stipend,BKVB(Fund for Visual art and Architecture),Amsterdam,
         living stipend
Theatre project:
2003   till now several theatre projects costume designer, set designer

Residency2011   Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON 2nd-term residency artist, Seoul, Korea

I would like to explore the concepts of time, space and language. My own personal experiences are more important then a scientific approach. I create art that exists between the 2 and 3 dimensional: a drawing or pattern in free space. Since my study in textile design I use knitting and textile techniques to create my work. To me the apparent contrast of making a ‘flat’ drawing in a 3D space equals the simplicity of the concept of time, space and language. At present I produce patterns by scanning 3D objects. The tangible shapes are spatial installations made on and for their specific place.