Geumcheon - The story of life

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Main program information
1. Making fresco for multicultural family : vase tile drawing lesson
Term: 06/08/2010 , 06/15/2010 (2 times in total)

Lesson for drawing on the large vase tile that is going to be attached at the wall.
Subject: It is going to proceed with easy subject that kids can imagine easily, such as My hometown, The pleasant memory at Korea etc.

1.Establishing ties with Guro-Gu multicultural family center, it is going to proceed
for multicultural family whose preschool ~ elementary student children.

2. Fresco making and install.

Gumchuen art factory inner wall fresco making : Making a painting work about children as a subject.
An outer wall of Gumchuen art factory is supposed to be finished by attaching of vase tile which is painted by multicultural family participants.

3. 500 copies of triple papers leaflet are going to be made and distributed.(For education participants)