"Geumcheon Research-Making Samarice" by Jang Seokjun

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Period : May ~ August, 2010
Location : The whole area of geumcheon ditrict, Geumcheon art space PS333 third floor
People related : 4(Cooperation of geumcheon art space worker resident Jiung Nam, Sukjun Jang, etc)
Participant : 240(exhibitoin visitor and participant for shooting, interviewer, etc)

Main contents

1. Video of a research region, photo shoot, spot light garibong
 - Producing of mini shooting robot, space hive and plants specialized for Guro near garibong a five-way crossing, 75places liaison, shooting, producing of a research documentary.
 - Shooting work of 40 sapces and episodes within geumcheonby Jiung Nam, resitdent artist

2. Open gallery _Garibong picasa web site
 - Audience participation-oriented open gallery proceeding for 1 month(july~august (A part of a region mapping work)
 - Opening web site, Sharing with people by uploading a photo shot through each region with people
 - People have an opportunity to participate, shooting every geumcheon region and uploading on website.

3. Exhibition <Making Samaris>
- Date and location : 2010.07.26. ~ 2010.08.02. Geumcheon art space PS333
- Video 5, Document photo 41, Web site 1, Exhibiting a produced map 1
- Producing sourcebook 500