"Groovy Doksan" by Moving Milmeoli

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This project mainly consists of citizens living within radius about 200meter people and those who are working in a business. School, facility, club, etc cooperate with individual network within a region. It also considers an active connection with culture community outside the area. 

The project sets up two objectives.
  First one is helping forming of relationship variously between individual living in a region and group.
  Second one is conducting a deep and comprehensive research in a processing of forming a relationship and action.
  Program forming relationship makes their own solution by making communities through evolution. Research is useful in understanding complicated problems of relationship and inner side. Especially, this research have an objection of finding a cultural, educational solution within region and understanding a situation and recognition about work and break of occupant, having a priority in relationship-oriented qualitative method. 
  Although a role of art works as a part of living, It promotes and broadens the purpose of program and ventilates fundamental problems rather than ornament or marginal category.