Kit Reisch

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2008   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude
         Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas Studio Art, Drawing Solo Exhibition
2010   Take Me With You, MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic
         Kit Reisch: Indices, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas
Group Exhibition
2010   The Ambiguous Object, Pump Project Gallery, Austin, TX
         TINA B. On The Road, České Centrum, Prague, Czech Republic
         Here. There. & Beyond. Dallas Contemporary Museum, Dallas, TX
         Down Every Side Street – New Directions in Southwest Art, Las Cruces
         Museum of Art, Las Cruces, New Mexico
2009   Visual Arts Society of Texas 125-Mile Juried Show, Denton, TX
         Visual Arts Society of Texas 41st National Juried Show, Denton, TX
         Hunting Art Prize Exhibition, Decorative Center, Houston, TX
         Texas A&M Forsyth Gallery Regional Juried Exhibition
         Baker Arts Center 11th National Juried Show, Liberal, KS
         100-4-100, Texas State University Invitational Exhibition
Award2009    Best in Show Award, Visual Arts Society of Texas 125-Mile Juried Show
          Dallas Museum of Art Awards to Artists: Kimbrough Grant Award
          Vermont Studio Center Brown Foundation Full Fellowship Award
          Hunting Art Prize Finalist, Houston, Texas
Residency2011    Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON 2nd-term residency artist, Seoul, Korea
2010-2011    Artist-in-Residence Fellowship, MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

Take Me With You
mannequin reinforced with concrete, the artist’s clothes and leg hairs,
wood, paint, shadow
50 in x 18 in x 33 in (shadow variable)
Installed at MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic

UPS Drawing: Texas to Vermont/Vermont to Texas
wood, paint, ink, stickers
30 in x 28 in x 30 in
the piece was shipped from Dallas, Texas to Johnson, Vermont
and back. The resulting scuffs, markings, and labels produced by
UPS personnel constitute the finished drawing

Chalkboard 11
mixed media installation with hand drawn objects, still frame animated video, rear projection, internal
wiring, wood, sheetrock, lights
8 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft
looping animated videos play simultaneously on the television and in the window.

July 4th, 1985
mixed media with power drill, wood, security camera, cinder block, electronics
8 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft
Installed at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

D.L. Haggerty’s® ArtGun®
functional handheld drawing machine
motor, electronics, machined aluminum and steel, found objects,
instruction manual and instructional DVD
10 in x 9 in x 14 in

Way To Go
fluorescent blacklights, mirror, backdrop, and hand-drawn shadows
10 ft x 12 ft x 12 ft

Cool White Wait
cool white fluorescent lights, wires, television
dimensions variable, approximately 8’ x 12’ x 2’
The mass of wires from the lights enter the television,
interacting with a video image.

Traces Left by a Young Artist in Seoul

Lee Jun-hee(Senior Journalist of Wolganmisool)

I was at artist Kit’s studio on the 2nd floor of Seoul Arts Space GEUMCHEON. He was fidgeting to make something on the table. It was traditional Korean style house the size of a soccer ball. He said it was a piece to be submitted at the ‘Haein Art Project’ that is opening at Haein Temple in September. This exhibition, directed by independent curator Kim Yoo-yeon, is an international contemporary art exhibition to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the Tripitaka Koreana. She asked him to participate in the exhibition when he visited Seoul Arts Space GEUMCHEON, and he began working on the project after personally visiting Haein Temple. The model made by attaching the delicately cut and trimmed wood pieces is to be installed next to the actual building in Haein Temple. He also added that it will be connected to a powered device that’ll spin the model and create ‘rattling’ noise as the doors open and close.

It goes the same with the artwork that was submitted to the ART Fresh exhibition that was held at Seoul Arts Space GEUMCHEON in July of 2011. The Seoul Blind art work in the form of a watchtower was also made from materials found near Seoul Arts Space GEUMCHEON. This twostory structure with steps was made sturdy with wooden supports and the surface was covered with cardboard from snack and ‘ramyeon(noodle)’ boxes. This cardboard box was personally collected from nearby supermarkets in Doksandong. Meanwhile, these watchtowers are commonly seen in Texas and it is said that these are mainly made for hunting. And they are camouflage painted to the surrounding environment to stay hidden. As he got his motif from this idea, he focused on cardboard boxes with all kinds of Korean product names, and he covered the watchtower with the cardboards to replace the original into “color of Seoul camouflage.” That’s right. Maybe to Kit, the city of Seoul seemed like a ruthless hunting ground where fierce fighting was taking place. That means the people of Seoul must have looked like hunters. Although they look down from a high position than others, they are the lonely hunters who have to disguise themselves into something to stay hidden from the prey. He was telling a story of the difference in viewpoints that result from different positions through his watchtower piece. Artist did this by presenting a situation of relativity as in looking out from the inside to looking in from the outside, or looking down to looking up.

There is another piece by him in the corner of the exhibition. It is also made from carved wood assembled together as mentioned earlier with the piece that’s to be submitted at the Haein Temple exhibition, and it is a model of Seoul Blind watchtower. It is the size of a handball a little smaller than a soccer ball, and it is installed on a wall slightly lower than the audiences’ eyelevel. It was also turning 360 degrees making a ‘rattling’ noise as it was connected to an electrical turning device. The sound was coming from the vise that fixed the model in place. The sound was being regularly made as the metal hand bar of the vice was sliding down from the hold like sand dropping from an hourglass. A plain and simple mechanical device was making a clear metallic sound. This symbolized the unique geography of Seoul Arts Space GEUMCHEON. Like this Kit utilized not only visual aspect, but also acoustic aspect to express the residency experience of this place.