"Garibong, a town of Yeonbyeon" by Lee Su-young and Lee Geum-hong

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Main program information

1. Joseon tribe migration history oral interview(April~May 2010)
․ Joseon tribe interview - Doksan ong Hongchang chinese food restaurant owner, employees, chief cooker, Oksun Bosal, etc.
Joseon tribe interview – owner of Doksan ong Hongchang chinese food restaurant owner, waiter, Oksun Bosal  etc.
Joseon tribe living in China interview - Gilimsung youngilsi 8, Shingangsung urumuchi, turupan 4

2.Gilimsung, China, Youngil coverage traveling(2010.04.25.~2010.05.07.)
Coverage traveling and making a work traveling about Joseon tribe’s life
․ Observing the life of Joseon tribe at China Gilimsung Youngil city  Joseon county and experience.
Shingangsung making journey.
3.Garibong-Dong tour program(2010.05.22.~2010.06.09.)
We are going to rent a Garibong doss house for one month, and take a look at Garibong street, market, restaurant, supermarket, residential area and so on. After that, we are going to discuss experience at Youngil and live of Joseon tribe.
4. Collected edition making(June~July 2010)
We are going to organize garibongdong Joseon tribe recording work as an art work, and make the collected edition(200 copies)