"Hero in Geumcheon" by FF

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■Hero in geumcheon
Period : 2010. 11. 22. (Mon) ~ 2011. 01. 31. (Mon)
Location : Geumchun art space and around geumchun gu
Workforce : 13 people including writers(Coordinator, Festival progression, etc)
Participants : More than about 228 people(Participants for interview. TEDx Participants)
Program contents
1. Composition
-Exhibition : Hero in GEUMCHEON
2011. 01. 22.(Sat) ~ 2011. 01. 30. (Sun) 10 a.m ~ 6 p.m/ Geumcheon art space warehouse)
-Conference : TEDx Geumcheon(Collaboration of local residents and FF)
2011.01.30.(Sun) 3 p.m/ Geumcheon art space warehouse
* Introduction of TEDx Geumcheon : TED is an abbreviation of Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is a national conference based on the purpose of spreading good idea widely. Providing more than 500 of lectures, it has been seen by 15,000,000 people more than 100,000,000 times. FF acquiring TEDx Geumcheon license makes a local resident participate in a festival.
2. Procedures
-After getting a report through web site, G-man(FF) is going to interview.
-Artist and hero who are chosen by FF match one by one and prepare TEDXGeumcheon presentation.
-Hero gives a presentation about his/her own story, All procedures are archived on web site.
3. TEDxGeumcheon speaker : 5 people(Yeonhee Cho, Sungho Lee, Yousun Kim, Im hyun Cho, Taek young Jung)