Gabriel Rico Jimenez

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Gabriel Rico Jimenez, Mexico

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Selected by thePrince Claus Foundation Fund( to support projects carried out during 2011.
Selected on the part of the FECA or state bottom for the culture and the arts ( his program young creators in the edition 2011, to take a scholarship as the project" supports".
Selected by InvisybleCity to take a residency and show my work in the space Ruimte in Beweging ( in the city of Schiedam in the Netherlands 2011.
Selected on the part of WARP contemporary art plataform( be a part of the portfolio- appointment and to take a residence in 2010 in the city of Saint Nicholas in Belgium.
As LIGA. - in the year 2006 and in 2008 we were selected to be supported by the PAC (http: //, in the year 2007 the IJJ ( and in the year 2008 we were supported on the part of of the FONCA (http: // receiving a scholarship to do a publication and DVD of the project.

Gabriel Rico Jiménez work´s relates to the creation of reflections like pieces, which are generated from the reality and situation in the one that is, using them as capsules of time. In his work it uses diverse materials and such methods as the installation, video, painting as well as digital supports. Nowadays it is employed at topics like the exploration of the visual terms, contextual art, the aesthetics of the mistake, the situations at those that there appears the work, the descontextualitation and the sonorous exploration, his work tries to send to a reflection on the nature of the piece from the order and the used materials. He has collaborated in independent projects like You To URBANIZARTE, turista, Artica, Bichepalo and Liga.

A Critique of Gabriel Rico Jiménez

Oh Se-won(General Manager, Craft&Design Promotion Division)

Gabriel Rico Jiménez thinks of historical, cultural contexts, in a physical space where artworks are installed. His artistry touches common esthetical sentiments by delving into the contexts through reflective acts(like deriving a theme of ‘publicity’ from Frieze Art Fair) or by introducing usual objects in an expected, sensual way.(in case of installations in the same specific places as Estado, Elevando el espacio a la dignidad de atributo de dios) Such course is preceded by his artistic interpretation of ‘common’ ideas, leading to communication whereby receivers are naturally invited, lingering in front of uneasy artworks. Combined with ordinary articles and acts, resulting traces are his messages.
It was at Cultural Station Seoul 284(a complex cultural space at old Seoul Station) where I first met the artist who came from Mexico. I happened to visit there on the first day during his stay in Seoul. Later at every opportunity, he was active to show his portfolios and artwork images, expecting my comments. His work is currently in much progress, assisted by his attention paid to anatomizing various contexts with various media. Characteristically, his work activities are never separated from his routine life. He does not pass by abandoned, trivial things at hand, only to think about illusions and surplus falsehood from capitalism, as individual resistance against them as well as ideological preferences. His defying practices feature his unique analysis of sentiments that is attributed to his unusual experiences.

The artist wanted to share memories he had with his curiosity in a new cultural space and time frame in Korea. Moreover, he desired to appeal to new cultural targets vehemently, who I think might be somewhat biased or a little impetuous. He felt regretful due to the lack of sincere communication under specific circumstances. Recently, in Korea, the capitals of fine arts accelerate to reproduce illusions, tempting peripheral, sensual connections between direct cultural activists (creators) and indirect cultural consumers (receivers). Seemingly, its realm of fine arts spares to spend much time in keeping rapport with artworks that require much patience to understand. We encounter the artists who take much more painstaking efforts in creating their arts than expected.