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Leslie Digges Joynes,USA

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Les Joynes/ Form Laboratory

Les Joynes,USA

New York-based visual artist Les Joynes (American, b. 1963 Santa Barbara, California) work has exhibited at The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Maejima Art Center, Japan; Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul; Museum of Modern Art, Wales; AIT Tactical Museum, Tokyo; Norimatsu Museum, Japan; 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York; Michael Steinberg Fine Art, New York; Sandra Buergel Gallery, Berlin; Nylon, London; Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo. He was Japan Ministry of Culture Scholar, Tokyo; NKD Fellow, Norway; Edwin Austin Abbey Fellow, New York and artist fellow at the Bauhaus, Germany and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, London with an MA Fine Art and is completing the PhD in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Joynes is founder of Form Laboratory - a nomadic museum-within-a-museum - a process-based laboratory creating artifacts from found materials - transforming them through spectacle into objects that merge layers of historicity into combinatory new forms. These works explore artist-made archeological sites that become assembly lines of yet unclassified evolved objects that proliferate both in his sculptural installations, performances and paintings. His work is currently being prepared for exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Nagano, Japan in 2012.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013  Gallery 532 Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY
2012  Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, São Paulo, Brazil
2011  Gallery 532 Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY
2010  Treignac Projet/ Art Center, Correze, France
Form Laboratory, Tokyo (public performance), Tokyo, Japan
2009  Form Laboratory – Midtown Manhattan, New York, NY
         Trace, Singapore (public performances) Singapore
2008  Amotgaard Art Center, Les Joynes: Parallel Universes, Bygstad, Norway
         Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Les Joynes: Middleworlds, New York, NY
2005  Space Gallery, London, UK
1998  Casa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1997  Norimatsu Museum, Matsuyama, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012  Fenberger House Museum, Nagano, Japan, curated by R. McDonald, Nagano, Japan
         Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul, Korea
2011  Impressionismus ausserhalb Frankreichs, Berlin,
         curated Klaus Winichner.Berlin, Germany
2010  University of Minnesota, Katherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
         Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, São Paulo, Brazil
         Museum of Modern Art, Wales, UK
         Exit 11, curated by Luc Fierens and Benoit Piret, Grand-Leez, Belgium
         San Diego State University, curated by Bibiana Padilla Maltos, San Diego, CA
2007 New General Catalog, "The Guy Debord Show," Brooklyn, NY
         Michael Mazzeo/ Peer Gallery, New York, NY
         Sandra Buergel Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2006 South La Brea Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
         Romo Gallery, Atlanta, GA
         CBGB, New York, New York, NY
2005 Mizuma Gallery/ Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
         Romo Gallery, Atlanta, GA
         Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004  Triangle/Space, London, UK
2003  Bergstübl Projekte Mitte, Berlin, Germany
         Albert Schweitzer spielt Johann Sebastian Bach, Berlin.
         Curated by Klaus Winichner Berlin, Germany
         Mars Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2002  Tactical Museum/ AIT, Tokyo, Curated by Roger McDonald, Tokyo, Japan
         Maejima Art Center, Okinawa. Curated by Roger McDonald, Okinawa, Japan
2001  Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo, Table Manners. Curated by Roger McDonald, Tokyo, Japan
         The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Curated by Emil Goh, 
         Sydney,   Australia
         Gallery 4a, Sydney. Curated by Emil Goh, Sydney, Australia
         Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2000  Nylon, London, UK
         Asahi Gallery, Tokyo, Asahi Contemporary Art 2000, Tokyo, Japan
1999  Bangkok Experimental Film and Video. Curated by Project 304, Bangkok, Thailand
         Tatsumi Orimoto Space, Kawasaki, Japan
         P-House Gallery, Tokyo, Networking/ British Council UK '98, Tokyo, Japan
1996  Milch Gallery, London, UK
1995  Barbican Concourse Gallery, London, UK

Awards and Research

2012  Discoveries, Seoul 20min. video performance

2010  Glossolalia (2010), 14 min.
         Falling to Earth, Tokyo (2010), 2010, 45 minutes, SD video.

         Bubble, Tokyo (2010), 15 minutes, HD video.
         Bubble, France (2010), 20 minutes, HD video.
         Alien Poetry Society, France (2010), 8 minutes, HD video.
         Farewell to an invisible friend, France (2010), 10 minutes, HD video.
         Form Laboratory II: The Discovery (2010), 30 minutes, HD video.
         Form Laboratory II: The Laboratory (2010), 30 minutes, HD video.
         The interview of the Self (2010), 30 minutes. HD video.
2009  Trace (2009) Bauhaus Cities of Tomorrow Project, Singapore
2008  Trace (2008) Bauhaus Cities of Tomorrow Performance, InterBau
         (performances at Hansaviertel), Berlin.
1996  Highchair (1996), Performances, London, SD video.

Awards and Research
2011 Visiting Scholar in Philosophy, Columbia University, New York
2011 Visiting Scholar in The School of the Arts, Columbia University, New York
2010 Harlem Arts Alliance Grant, New York
2009 Edwin Austin Abbey Mural Fellow,
         National Academy Museum School of Art & Design, New York
2008 Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Stipend, Cultural Ministry of Norway
2001 MEXT Scholar, Japan, Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture, Japan
1995 Erasmus Scholar, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris
         King Sturge Prize, London
1993 Commendation, Central Saint Martins College of Art, London


2009 Artist Fellow, Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, Germany
         Bauhaus Kolleg, Kulturministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
2008 NKD-Fellow, Nordisk Kunstnarsenter, Dalsasen - Cultural Ministry of Norway
2006 Artist Fellow in printmaking, Nagasawa Artist Park - Awajishima, Japan
2001 Postgraduate Selection for Sculpture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
1994 Inner Spaces, artist-in-residence Skoki/Poznan, Poland

Image © Gion/ Boon Magazine, Japan


2007  Toosneger Foundation – Printmaking , Dordrecht, Netherlands

1996  Honours, Central Saint Martins College of Art, 1996

2008   Visiting Scholar in Visual Art, Columbia University, New York

Archaeology of Time
Kim Hee-young(Professor, Kookmin University)

Les Joynes (b. Santa Barbara, USA, 1963), an American intermedia artist, explores ways in which to encounter different cultures with objects found in the places he visits. Joynes’ work is based on an excavating process, in which he discovers objects from the community and transforms them into new artifacts. His series <Form Laboratory> exhibited at Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture’s Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon Playpanopticon (April-May 2012) exemplifies his process that he initiated in 2007. The exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon shows a refreshing conglomeration of discarded and fragmented plastic toys accumulated from nearby recycling centers in Seoul, which were washed, re-assembled and partially covered in plastic foam. The fragmented toys provoke curiosity as the objects lose their identities and become ambiguous. Plastic toys with bright colors are locked in formless foam that reconnect and hybridize disparate forms. Using the found objects as raw material, Joynes works with a performance-based process (of the discovery of the objects and the studio-based transformation of the objects) which is captured on video and shown with the finished artifacts. For him the performances and the videos become temporal lenses to explore a host culture, its found-objects and the production of new hybridized artifacts.

This is what he refers to as an “archaeology of an object as seen through a multiplicity of moments.” Joynes’ archaeology of time is closely related to the nomadic structure of Form <Form Laboratory>. Instead of only focusing on end-products in the creative production process, Joynes focuses on the multiple processes in art-making, which defies predetermined aesthetic rules and conventional categories. As a collector of things, Joynes develops archaeological strata of his own while discovering abandoned objects and creating an ever-expanding personal archive. By dripping onto fragmented forms with plastic foam, he creates a space between the recognizable and the unrecognizable. He refers to this as a metaphysical space can be approached by means of the formlessness. The liminal tension between the form and the formless is significant in Joynes’ work. It is associated with the way in which he becomes acquainted with different cultures by collecting found-objects from new surroundings. Joynes expands on the novelty of experiences when he is visiting a new culture by creating a new taxonomy of objects he discovered from a foreign community. Developing a list of names of the objects becomes then both a process of familiarizing himself with a new culture as well as the creation of a lexicon in which to approach that culture through its artifacts. For Joynes each object possesses its own history. And thus naming the object is a way to disclose it, which involves a sense of personal discovery - while seeking the multiplicity of timelines in perceiving the object. Castaway, abject or displaced objects, which are otherwise no longer visible, are re-visualized in both the process (the transformation into new configurations of objects) and the archive (which is the accumulation of the hybridized objects). In this way, Joynes pays close attention to an abjectness, a fragmented historicity embedded in the castaway toys. (This exhibition shows a repositioning of archaeological excavation. It is an archaeological act of burial and re-birth which produces new forms and in turn their transformation into new artifacts.)