[Symposium 2011] Experiments of Art : Artist, Enterprise and Industrial Complex

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   Welcoming Remarks  
Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (SASG), located around Korea's first national industrial complex, Seoul Digital Industrial Complex (SDIC, former Garibong Industrial Complex) was opened after renovating a printing plant in October 2009. The project called “Open Call for Da Vinci Idea ” has been held from the following year of the opening of SASG. This program has a symbolic meaning since it was launched based on local identity of “high-tech industrial city” of SDIC. Creative ideas based on technology can receive various supports such as creation costs, exhibition and commercialization. We try to find synergies between technical expertise of tens of thousands of neighboring companies and creativity of media artists.
Ten creative ideas will be exhibited at the fair of “Arbitrary Approach of Black box” on November 3rd in 2011 following the product innovation fair of “The Return of Techné” held in 2010. “Open Call for Da Vinci Idea” is differentiated from other residency studios focusing on supporting pure creation, and aimed at combining cutting-edge technology of SDIC and creative ideas of artists around SASG.
A discussion about improving cultural environment of national industrial complexes including SDIC is in progress in Korea. I believe this plan will be carried out in several years considering the country's fast administrative procedures. At this juncture, SASG is holding the 3rd International Symposium on “Experiments of Arts: Artist, Enterprise and Industrial Complex.” SASG has received attention from the artistic community by holding international symposiums on timely issues such as “Strategies for Creative Space” and “Culture-led Regeneration for Community,” which are actively being developed in Korea's cultural community, every year from the first year of its opening.
Following issues will be discussed at this symposium: cultural demand by highly educated workers in SDIC and the government's cultural policies for industrial complexes in the beginning stage and artists' new experiments in SASG and their win-win strategy with the community responding to this changing environment. I expect your interests in the coming symposium on synergy and win-win between arts, technology, industries and industrial complexes.
Thank you.
Ahn Hosang
CEO, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture