Open Studio for the 3rd term Residency Artists

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Open Studio for the 3rd term Residency Artists

∘ Date : 28th June ~ 1th July 2012 / 10:00am-6:00pm
∘ Lacation : Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
∘ Program 1: The collaboration project with art colleges, 'A properly organized open studio ⓒHanKook Project'

- The studios are designed to be an extension of work by matching eight teams of residency artists with eight graduate students majored in Art Theory from Korea National University of Arts and Kookmin University. The open studio is planned to break away from conventional mode.

∘ Program 2: The docent program of Geumcheon residents, 'Art Space Scandal Ⅱ' (host by Geumcheon Mrs.)

- The Talk with Artists and Residents is a program by the residents and for the residents. The event is to be held in June 29th and 30th with residency artist Kim Bo-jung and Donna Han.


∘ Performance 1 : Andeath-Fashion Show

- This fashion show planned by residency artist Andeath is a harmonious showcase of mompe (loose-fitting trousers worn by women engaged in hard labor) and training cloths purchased in a flea market, exploring the hidden value in the old and rural.

∘ Performance 2 : Im Heung Soon-Auction: Things in Crisis

- This event is a very private auction performance where a real auctioneer auctions residency artist Im Heung-soon’s works and items, and Geumcheon Mrs.'s personal goods.

∘ Performance 3 : Aeroflot(Okin Collective, Michelangelo P. Band, Mixrice) -Performance Party

- This performance addresses difficult social phenomena in our society by contact points, as if passengers use Aeroflot, a notorious Russian airline, with tension and an adventurous mind. A costume play by the Aeroflot Team (Residency Artists of Mixrice, Okin Collective, and Michelangelo Pistoletto Band) and a party will be held along with a video screening.

∘ Performance 4 : Geumcheon Mrs.-Food Sharing Performance

- In the event, food prepared by Geumcheon Mrs. is handed out to viewers, nearby industry employees, restaurant workers, and residents.

*** Expert Visiting: 1:1 talks between residency artists and experts (closed)

Five experts including museum and gallery curators, critics and journalists are invited to the event, a pre-opening event in which they have the opportunity to interview residency artists.

Exhibition <Continuous Art, Impossible Community>