A project 'Radical Colophon' by Anna Moreno

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For the next SASG exhibition, Anna Moreno is presenting her new project Radical Colophon. She is creating the setting for a series of debates on aesthetics of radicalism and alternativity in the arts, related to the art market and the current global economic crisis. In collaboration with the Turkish designer Erdem Selek, she has designed a set of multi-purpose, do it yourself, low-cost furniture to accommodate the debates. The debates will be structured in 2 sessions, taking place in SASG's 3rd flor (exhibition space):

30th of June (sat) at 7PM:

The aesthetization of radicalism (from the idea to the product)

*Artists as branding for marginal suburbs. 
*To refuse or not to refuse the market. Should artists stick to some pure ideals?
*The aesthetic construct. How does art emancipate from activism and becomes a finished product?

-session in Korean

Participants: Okin Collective (www.okin.cc)
Listen to the City (www.listentothecity.org)
Jyu Hye Kim

7th of July (sat) at 7PM:

The political legitimization of radical art practices (side by side with the ones who rule)

*Serving the aims of the state: art as a tool for urban activation. The civic trend

*The precarization of labor in art and culture. The artistic mode of production

- session in English


Superfishes! (www.superfishes.wordpress.com)
C. Derick Varn (www.skepoet.wordpress.com)
Anna Moreno (www.annamoreno.net)

The space will also include showcase presentations by participating artists, collectives and culture professionals in general, as well as a posters' edition with contributions from Korea and abroad. The space wants to serve as a platform for exchanging information on the mentioned subjects. During the exhibition, the space will continuously display an archive, consisting of: artists' portfolios, selected texts and documentation from past sessions.

Contributions to the posters' edition:

Núria Güell (www.nuriaguell.net)
Daniela Ortiz (www.daniela-ortiz.com)
Tjasa Kancler & Anja Steidinger (www.tjasa-kancler.net, www.anja-steidinger.net)
...and more.

*Anna Moreno (1984) is a conceptual artist based mostly in Barcelona, Spain. Her work is based on how ideology influences our behavior. The artist has interests in the concept of responsibility in relation to the audience and in the role of the artist in contemporary society.

More info: contact@annamoreno.net www.annamoreno.net