Seoul Art Space International Symposium 2012

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Seoul Art Space International Symposium 2012

<Myth or Reality : Policy, the Artist, Community>

  • Sponsored by the Metropolitan City of Seoul
  •  Organized by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
  • Date & Time : November 1st (Thur.) 14:00 ~ 18:00
  • Location : Seoul Museum of History
  • Intended audience: Arts and culture professionals, citizens and students who are interested, etc.

You are Cordially Invited.
We warmly invite you to a symposium of the Seoul Art Spaces. The Seoul Art Spaces have established themselves as a platform for the growth and development of artists and as art spaces in communication with the local community.
The international symposia which Seoul Art Space-Geumcheon has been holding since first opening in 2009 are already in their fourth year, and with timely themes such as The Current Conditions and Future of Art Spaces (2009), Communities and Local Revitalization (2010) and The Relationship of Mutual Support between the Arts and Industrial Corridors (2011).
This event will inspect how the policies and artists’ activities, local changes and the critical perspective of academia regarding such are being formed under the design of a current global trend of arts and culture in ‘community art.’ We have structured a meaningful discourse under the theme of ‘Myth or Reality: Policy, the Artist, Community’ and have invited the currently most active professionals in the fields of policy, the arts and sociology.
We hope that you will attend this event, which is adding depth by the passing year, and experience the activities and discourses at the forefront of the areas of first-hand practice, academia and policy. Thank you.

Sunhee Cho, C.E.O. of Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture

※Chairperson : Hee-young Kim(Manager of Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON)
Registration and Reception
Opening Remarks
Welcome Address
Sun-hee, Cho
(CEO of Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture)
Session 1
The Social Value of Artistic Activity within a Region
Presentation 1
Cultural Complexity:
Specific values and diversity of impacts
Fabrice Raffin
(Professor of l’ université de Picardie
Jules Vernes, France)
Presentation 2
A Study on Changes in the Local Community's Perception Regarding the Seoul Art Spaces - Based on Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON
Shin-eui Park
(Professor, Dept. of Arts & Cultural Management, kyunghee University)
Kyung-nyun Son
(General Director of Dept. Culture and the Arts
Bucheon Cultural Foundation)
Session 2
The Freedom of the Arts vs. The Instrumentalization of the Arts
Presentation 3
'An association of differences which dreams of the individual's harmonious happiness - A Community by Pattern Only'
Wol-sik Kim
(Director, Resident Artist of Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON)
Presentation 4
Commissions & Collaborations: The „New Patrons“ initiative in Europe: Art projects of and for Civil Society
Nina Montmann
(Curator, Professor of Royal Institute of Art, Spain)
Jong-gil Gim
(Cutator of Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art)
Session 3
Changes in Cultural Policy Toward Local Communities
Presentation 5
The Present Conditions and Tasks of Community Art in Terms of Cultural Policy
Ho-seong Yong
(Director of Culture & Leisure Policy Division of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea)
Presentation 6
Evolving cultural policy in England: the individual, communities and well-being
Sara Selwood
(Cultural analyst, Professor of City University, England)
Sae-June Kim
(Professor Dept. of Culture and Tourism, Sookmyung Women's University)
Closing Remarks
Hee-young Kim
(Manager of Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON)